Contest: Fantasy Soundtrack Selections for “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn” – Win one of 5 copies of Ha Ha Tonka’s “Novel Sounds of the Nouveau South”

Novel Novice Twilight has teamed up with the band Ha Ha Tonka and the folks at Bloodshot Records to bring you an exciting new contest!

Why Ha Ha Tonka, you ask? Well, Twilight author Stephenie Meyer said in a recent interview that Ha Ha Tonka is one of her newest favorite bands! Plus, their music has a great sound and we think it would fit great with the themes in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. (See more about Ha Ha Tonka & Stephenie Meyer here.)

So without further ado, here are the contest details:

The Contest

Listen to these songs from “Novel Sounds of the Nouveau South” by Ha Ha Tonka (songs all posted with permission from Bloodshot Records):

  • Now, choose a scene from either Eclipse or Breaking Dawn that you think one of the songs fits well with.

    Write a short explanation (200-1,000 words) of why you think that song would be a good soundtrack choice for that particular scene in the movie version of Eclipse or Breaking Dawn.

    Things to remember: the words/meaning of the song don’t necessarily have to fit with the scene. Rather, maybe the sound or mood of the song is a good fit? Don’t just consider scenes between Bella and Edward, or Bella and Jacob. Consider scenes with the humans, the other Cullens (flashback scenes galore), the Wolf Pack, Charlie, newborn vampires, Victoria, the Volturi, the other vampire covens, Reneesme, etc.


    Five winners will each receive a free copy of Ha Ha Tonka’s newest album, “Novel Sounds of the Nouveau South” courtesy of Bloodshot Records


    To submit your entry, e-mail a 200-1,000 word explanation of why you think your song choice is a perfect fit for that scene.

    Entries should include:

    * song title (one of the Ha Ha Tonka singles above, only)
    * which scene from Eclipse or Breaking Dawn
    * your name
    * your e-mail address & physical mailing address

    Only one entry per person.

    Remember, only choose one of the songs from Ha Ha Tonka featured in this post! (Entries featuring any other songs will be disqualified).

    Prizes can only be mailed to addresses within the U.S.

    How to Enter

    E-mail your entry (meeting the above requirements) to

    Entries must be received by Tuesday, December 8th December 15th by midnight (PST).

    Here are all the songs featured in this contest:

    5 Responses

    1. I love Ha Ha Tonka, but I don’t really know what to think of this contest. I don’t know if the song choices were authorized by the band or their label, but having people describe how songs like “What Shepherds of these Hills?” relate to Twilight doesn’t make sense at all.

      That song in particular is a terrible choice. It is a beautiful and moving song about the Easter morning lynching of three black men in Springfield’s town square. This event drove the black population from the town, and Springfield has not fully recovered its once amazing diversity since. The song speaks to the guilt that the current population still feels. I don’t think a song about an actual lynching relates to anything in Twilight in any way at all. Too few people actually listen to lyrics these days, I’m afraid.

      • Actually, the band’s label picked the song choices for the contest.

        The idea for the contest is that the meaning of the song doesn’t necessarily need to fit a scene from “Eclipse” or “Breaking Dawn” — but maybe the mood of the song fits.

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