“The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” early cheat sheet!

From MTV:

Many of the saga’s stars have cited “Eclipse” as their favorite of Stephenie Meyer’s novels, and with “30 Days of Night” filmmaker David Slade at the helm, it seems likely to be a very distinctive entry into the blockbuster series. With that in mind (and since we’re always on top of the latest “Twilight” news) we wanted to bring you our cheat sheet for “Eclipse” a little bit early to give you one-stop shopping for all the latest details on what could possibly be the biggest film of 2010.

Let the Race Begin
Summit Entertainment made headlines in February when it announced the release date of “Eclipse” as June 30, less than a year after “New Moon.” At the time, the accelerated pace seemed a bit risky, but fans were cautiously pleased that Edward, Bella and the rest wouldn’t be aging half-decades at a time between films. Taylor Lautner promised a “darker” film, Kristen Stewart said the love triangle will be further intensified, Rob promised that Bella will be treacherous in the flick, and the Cullens themselves are looking forward to kicking some ass.

Flashing Back
One of the most eagerly anticipated aspects of “Eclipse” is the multiple flashbacks we’ll be seeing of Dr. Carlisle Cullen recruiting his “family” as they were set to die decades ago in human form. Jackson Rathbone might have the meatiest backstory as Jasper, and he has filmed scenes where he’s riding horses on the Civil War battlefield, learning lessons that will help the family in battle against Victoria. Oscar nominee Catalina Sandino Moreno plays Maria, the vampire who bites Jasper. Meanwhile, Jack Huston has filmed his scenes as Royce King II, a.k.a. the Scumbag Who Nearly Kills Rosalie, and Nikki Reed can’t wait for fans to witness her tragic backstory. An eager Slade recently celebrated the film’s wrap by leaking the first official photo.

Murphy’s Law
Former Bauhaus singer and “Godfather of Goth” Peter Murphy has filmed a key cameo for the third film, an appearance that delighted fan Billy Burke. When we spoke with Melissa Rosenberg recently, she further explained that the cameo sets up the love/hate relationship between the Cullens and the Quileute wolves.

Here Come the Newbies
Among the new stars onboard are Kirsten Prout as Lucy, Boo Boo Stewart as Seth Clearwater, Xavier Samuel as Riley and so many others. At this rate, the cast of the saga might soon outnumber the audience.

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