The latest on “Breaking Dawn” from the cast

After this weekend’s blockbuster success of New Moon, it seems everyone is now buzzing about when we’ll get to see Breaking Dawn on the big screen. Summit Entertainment has released only this statement:

Summit Entertainment looks forward to bringing Breaking Dawn to the big screen but at this point any additional information is premature.

But that isn’t stopping the actors in the franchise from chiming in. In a new article on MTV, some of the stars talk about potential directors and whether there should be one or two movies:

“If I had a wish list, Gus van Sant would be pretty cool,” Peter Facinelli said, mirroring Robert Pattinson’s director pick. “I just think he’d be an interesting choice for it. I mean, ‘Milk’ was phenomenal. I would just love to see ‘Breaking Dawn’ done, because I’d like to finish the whole chapter.”

Ashley Greene said she wouldn’t turn down the chance to split up “Breaking Dawn,” if that’s what the studio decides. “I think we all love being a part of this,” she said. “And if making this into two films means we capture the essence of the fourth book better, then absolutely.”


Kellan Lutz wouldn’t mind seeing [Chris] Weitz back in the director’s chair. “Out of the three, I’d love to see Chris Weitz come back,” he said. “I just had so much fun shooting with him. I mean, obviously, I would just love to do [‘Breaking Dawn’]. There’s no word. … Hopefully we get that phone call, and if they want to make it into five movies, I just don’t want it to end. I love my character so much.”

Read the rest here.

Michael Welch also shares his thoughts in a new interview with MTV:

Michael Welch, who plays Mike Newton, was the first to admit that a “Breaking Dawn” movie is as inevitable as death, taxes and grandparents wanting to pinch your cheeks during the holidays.

“Yeah, they’re not going to make ‘Breaking Dawn,’ ” grinned the actor who plays Mike Newton, dripping with sarcasm. “Of course, they are.

“I hope I’m not giving away any secrets here,” he added playfully. “Now I’m going to get a call from Summit later: ‘Why’d you give it away? It was going to be a big surprise!’ “

More here.

Robert Pattinson also recently fueled the rumors about Breaking Dawn, and the buzz that the series could potentially return to Portland, Oregon for filming:

When filming wrapped last month on the third movie, “Eclipse,” crews broke down the set pieces and closed up shop — furthering rumors that production may be returning to the Rose City. There’s also the added incentives, passed by the Oregon state legislature earlier this year — which gives more benefits to filmmakers who shoot in Oregon. Perhaps the extra perks will lure filmmakers back to Portland for “Breaking Dawn”?

A shooting schedule has not been released yet for “Breaking Dawn,” but Pattinson has suggested in other recent interviews that it will take place sometime next year.He told Collider and FearNet, “I think the tentative time for ‘Breaking Dawn’ is fall next year.  They may well change that.”

Read more here.

Oh, and as if that weren’t enough, MTV is jumping the gun and has posted their Breaking Dawn Cheat Sheet:

Wait Till You See This
Bella Swan giving birth? Edward Cullen tearing her open? Jacob Black making his move … on their infant daughter? At times, “Breaking Dawn” can be weirder than Gary Busey on a red carpet, so it’s no surprise that Taylor Lautner is a bit unsure how he’ll film his character’s twists and turns. The star was surprised when he first read the novel, and Kristen Stewart still has trouble wrapping her head around Bella’s decisions. This much is certain: Whoever does direct the final movie will have their work cut out for them.

See the rest here.

Adding more flame to the fire, was this bit on Ryan Seacrest:

Plus, don’t we all want to see Breaking Dawn on the big screen after getting this little tidbit in New Moon:

So what are your thoughts on a Breaking Dawn movie? One or two? Who should direct? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments!


5 Responses

  1. I think in order to get everything they need to from the book to the movie its gonna have to be 2 seperate movies. If not 2 then one 4 hr movie which is fine with me 🙂

  2. I’d say two movies, because I don’t think the studio would believe that they could market a 4 hr pic, which is what I think they’d need to do to capture the entire book.

    I’d like to see Chris Weitz direct it. I want a sweeping epic picture, even with all the weirdness.

    Jake isn’t going to make a move on Nessie — he’s just protective is all. C’mon folks. 🙂

  3. I’m not sure it needs to be two movies … honestly, I think there’s a lot that could be cut out or condensed to make it one movie. I mean, there are a lot of really slow parts in BD that would make for a pretty boring movie.

    But then, Summit is really good at sucking dollars out of “Twilight” fans, so I wouldn’t put it past them to stretch this out into two movies.

    I just hope they come back to Portland to film! 🙂

    • I agree with you, Sara. I think two movies for Breaking Dawn would be incredibly boring. What would the first movie be? A wedding, a short honeymoon with no real sex scenes cause it’ll be PG-13, Bella’s short, freaky pregnancy, and a gruesome birth? And the second movie would be Bella’s a vampire, a bunch of other vampires come to visit, and a very anti-climatic stand-off with the Volturi?

      I think in order to make two *good* movies out of Breaking Dawn, there would have to be a lot of additions/changes to the book and really, do we want that?

      A 2.5+ hour movie would suffice, I think. Yeah, as a fan, I’d see two not-so-good movies made for Breaking Dawn. But I’d probably only go once.

      As for directors…I don’t know anything about directors but I’m happy with how New Moon came out, so I’d be happy to see Chris Weitz again. As long as he gets new wardrobe/hair people, because Rosalie and Jasper, especially, looked *awful*.

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