Wednesday’s Twi-News Headlines

* Kimberly Sherman, the Twilight Parents Examiner, wrote a nice article about our Fantasy Soundtrack Contest with the band Ha Ha Tonka and Bloodshot Records!

You can also get all of our contest details HERE … winners will get a free copy of Ha Ha Tonka’s “Novel Sounds of the Nouveau South”

Also, be sure to check out Kimberly’s great interviews with some of the bands from the New Moon and Twilight Soundtrack:

* Taylor Lautner is featured in the new issue of Rolling Stone 

* Speaking of … there’s this little blurb about Taylor Lautner today in the AP:

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — Taylor “Abs” Lautner says it took more than just a few crunches to get his new bod. He says “the most important thing was the eating side. Everybody thinks it was the actually getting in the gym. That was easy.” Imagine trying to eat more than 3,200 calories a day of healthy food. He says “would even have to carry a little Baggie full of beef patties, raw almonds, sweet potatoes. So, it’s not like every two hours” he’s eating ice cream.

* Melissa Rosenberg talks about four “tweaks” to New Moon that made the movie work

* EW has a great new interview with Chris Weitz, who talks more about what went into New Moon


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