2009 Twilight Saga Shopping Guide

Whether you’re putting together your own wish list, or shopping for a fellow fan, NNT is back with our new, 2009 Twilight Saga Shopping Guide. Here you’ll find all the best places to buy Twilight Saga merchandise!


Our friends at CafePress have a variety of fantastic Twilight Saga goodies to offer, including Christmas ornaments. You can even personalize some of the CafePress Twilight Ornament with your photo or name.

Also look for a variety of deals on shipping and special pricing throughout the holiday season.

The CafePress Twilight Shop also features a variety of designs available for purchase as t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, magnets, etc. Here are some of their featured designs:



Browse the rest of their designs at the CafePress Twilight Shop.

Twilight Style

There are plenty of places out there to find custom or hand-made jewelry inspired by the Twilight Saga. But one of the finest places around, by far, is Twilight Style. They offer beautiful, hand-made pieces with a distinct look. One of their featured pieces is the “Original Bella’s Bracelet,” which is their interpretation of the bracelet Bella wears in Eclipse — featuring a crystal heart and a small wolf charm. A cool, updated version called “Bella’s Truly Classical Bracelet” is also a gorgeous alternative.

Twilight Style also offers a variety of other bracelets, necklaces, earrings and even cell phone dangles — all inspired by The Twilight Saga. Each piece is subtle and tasteful, but is still clearly Twilight. They are also all reasonably priced for quality, hand-crafted jewelry. Purchase by December 10th for delivery by Christmas.

EXCLUSIVE for Novel Novice Twilight visitors: get 20% off your order!

At checkout, just enter the code: NNT09

A 20% discount will automatically be applied to everything in your cart.

This offer is an exclusive for NNT visitors and is good through the end of the year! Special thanks to Twilight Style for offering the discount.

Infinite Jewelry

Infinite Jewelry is the company responsible for making accurate replicas of Bella’s bracelet and Bella’s engagement ring. They used to sell through TwilightTeez, but have now launched their own website. Here’s what the company had to say:

Infinite Jewelry Co., along with the series author, developed our exquisite Twilight line of jewelry for fans of the Twilight series books.  With the highest quality of materials and personalized design, our products truly reflect the jewelry described within the books, and the fans value our authenticity.  We are proud of the distinction of producing the world’s only authorized, original Bella’s BraceletTM and Bella’s Engagement RingTM.

Twilight Beauty

For the beauty buff, this new cosmetics brand offers two lines themed after the Twilight Saga: Luna Twilight and Volturi Twilight.

Luna Twilight is a collection that is gorgeous right down to the packaging.

Each cosmetic has an imprint of tree branches on either a black or amber-colored background. There are a wide variety of products to choose from – including lipstick, lip-gloss, mosaic blush, mascara, and scented body glitter.

My personal favorite offered by this line is the makeup palettes. Each one is themed around a female character from the Twilight Saga (Bella, Alice, Rosalie and Victoria), and the colors reflect that character’s personality. All the palettes contain a blush, two eye shadows, a lipstick and a gloss.

As a whole, this makeup line seems to wear very well. The lip products go on smooth and even, the eye shadow is nicely crease-free, and the metallic silver mascara looks fantastic on the tips of black lashes.

Volturi Twilight is a collection that definitely evokes a more intense color scheme than its counterpart. Each cosmetic from this line features the Volturi crest and is styled in crisp, elegant black lines. Products include scented body mists, mascara, lip-gloss, Lip Venom, loose eye shadow and eye shadow duos.

Lip Venom is an intriguing product that is a crimson stain as well as a plumper. And the black glittery lip-gloss looks imposing, but it actually goes on clear with just a hint of shimmer.

All in all, I would say this line is for a makeup connoisseur rather than a novice; loose eye shadow can be spectacular, but it takes a steady hand to wear it without looking like a circus performer. But the body mists are very nice – there’s even one called “Bella”.


For the Twilight Saga fan fashionista, the New Moon clothing line for BP at Nordstrom has a more contemporary appeal in its styling and graphics. Tanks, shirts, tunics, jewelry and key chains are available for a member of Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team Werewolf, Team Cullen, the Volturi, and everything else in between. Sizes range from XS to XL, and most of the shirts are cut in the junior’s style, so they are more fitted in the bust and torso.

One of the things I love the most about this line is that it allows you to be a Twilight fan without specifically looking like one. Some of the shirt designs are subtle enough that I have been able to wear one to the office underneath a black blazer and no one is the wiser. I also love the ‘burnout’ fabric look, which is how most of these shirts are made. Check out the samples below, but remember: there are lots more available on their website!

Bath & Body Works

For the pampered pal, Bath and Body Works has introduced a new fragrance line in their Signature Collection called Twilight Woods. While it does not directly tie into the Twilight Saga, there is undeniable charm in this scent and how it is presented.

The highlighted notes of the perfume are apricot nectar, mimosa petals and Tuscan cypress – with warm musk base notes and a hint of woods. It is not overly sweet or floral, nor is it too dark and spicy. If you are a fan of either Sensual Amber or Japanese Cherry Blossom, then this would be a welcome addition to your collection.

Plus, the Eau de Toilette bottle is a lovely blend of dusky colors inlaid with the white silhouette of a winter tree.

As with all Bath and Body Works fragrances, Twilight Woods is offered as a lotion, body mist, shower gel, eau de toilette, candle, Wallflower© refill, bubble bath, hand cream, and body butter.

Hot Topic & Torrid

Hot Topic and its plus-size sister store Torrid are chock-full of all sorts of Twilight Saga goodies — especially wearables! Both stores stock a variety of t-shirts, as well as hoodies, jackets and PJs. This year, both stores are also carrying replicas of two outfits Bella is scene wearing in The Twilight Saga: New Moon — her birthday party dress and her green, corduroy hoodie.  But be warned, most products at Hot Topic and Torrid are sized for juniors, and can run small. Many of the tees also come in a variety of fashionable styles, which is nice for a change from the standard “movie tee.”

The stores also carry a variety of accessories — including hats, scarves, bedding, jewelry boxes, backpacks, jewerly, key chains, candles, blankets, posters, bag clips, purses, and even band aids and Wolf Pack tattoo packing tape! They also carry many of the action figures and the replica jewelry — such as Bella’s St. Jude bracelet and Edward’s Masen family ring.

Dazzled by Twilight

Dazzled by Twilight has physical locations in the real-life towns of Forks and Port Angeles, Washington. If you ever visit these places, stop by Dazzled by Twilight — not only is the store a true destination for fans of the series, but it is loaded with great products. Still, if you can’t make it to the Olympic Peninsula, you can also browse and purchase their merchandise online.

The store offers a variety of books, clothing, jewerly, accessories, mugs, bumper stickers, signs, magnets, collectibles, gifts and more. I’m especially a fan of their jewerly, since many of their offerings are so unique; a lot of this stuff you won’t find anywhere else. Some is even made by local artisans. The design pictured above is a particular favorite of mine — called “Edward Under the Clocktower,” the necklace features a watch face and a crystal heart to represent Edward. It’s perfect for any New Moon fan. When I stopped by their shop in Forks, Wash. over the summer, I also managed to track down a variety of Italian bracelet charms. I took home two, myself. One says “Team Edward,” and the other features the artwork from the New Moon movie poster.


Besides being the go-to place for picking up copies of the entire Twilight Saga, Twilight journals, and companion books, Borders is a jam-packed treasure trove of New Moon merchandise – in stores and online.

Here’s a sampling of what Borders offers online and in most stores:

For the rest of these goodies, they’re only available in some stores while supplies last, but you can get a glimpse of them at Borders online:

  • Clothes: junior pajama set; Wolf Pack tattoo t-shirt; tribal hoodie
  • Accessories: dreamcatcher-inspired Quileute earrings; Alice’s turquoise and Cullen crest bracelet; turquoise necklace; Switzerland charm bracelet with both Edward and Jacob-related charms; Alice’s Cullen crest ribbon choker
  • Key Chains and Bag Clips: perfect for your purse, backpack, or keyring, the keychains come in Bella, Edward, and Jacob versions while the clips are available in Edward, Jacob, and Wolf Pack tattoo styles
  • Bag and Wallet: black Twilight hobo bag; Cullen crest zippered wallet
  • Wall Scrolls: available in Jacob, Edward, The Cullens, and the E-B-J love triangle versions
  • Bookmarks: if you want to look at the beautiful faces of your favorite characters while rereading the saga, pick up the Edward, Jacob, or Edward and Bella traditional bookmarks; book bracelets with charms of the main trio are also available
  • Posters: available in Edward, Jacob, The Cullens, the love triangle, and the New Moon movie promo versions
  • Bags and Cases: New Moon tote bag, Edward messenger bag, and the Cullen coven vintage case (like a retro-cool lunchbox or makeup case) are all available
  • Other Goodies: all New Moon-inspired items include an Edward pen, magnets, a pin set, water bottle, trading cards, adhesive bandages (you know… in case you get a paper cut), a music box, iPod touch skin, and even a fleece blanket featuring Edward’s face (who couldn’t cozy up with that!)

And if you can’t decide what to get someone as a Twilight-related gift, you can purchase a Borders Twilight gift card so they can make their own choice!

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble has some great gifts.  Their website has a dedicated Twilight store and you local B&N has all the New Moon gear you could ask for. They have puzzles, t-shirts, book bags, bookmarks … even a chest with our favorite star-crossed couple.


Amazon has some amazing stuff as well.  Just like B&N, they have a dedicated store to all things Twilight.  One suggestion for that Team Jacob member on your list … a fleece blanket emblazoned with our favorite wolf.  Pair it up with a Jacob pillow (show below).  Just imagine cuddling up with your own personal space heater on a frosty night.  OK, not quite, but a girl can dream …


Yes, you read that right.  You can, of course, get the movie, all the soundtracks, as well as the books.  They also have inexpensive t-shirts there.  If you’ve priced t-shirts at most merchandise sites, they can be quite expensive.  In conjunction with the release of latest installment, they have New Moon-themed shirts for $10.00 each.  Here are two examples for our Team Edward members:


Toys ‘R’ Us

You don’t have to be a Toys R Us kid to take advantage of the store’s stock of Twilight and New Moon items, ranging from jewelry and dog tags to board games and Barbies.

Now in stock is the new Twilight Scene It? for Nintendo Wii, with coordinating remote skins; for those who prefer good old-fashioned board games, both Twilight and New Moon versions are available separately and as a game bundle.

Collectors will be glad to know that Toys R Us carries not one, not two, but three lines of dolls/action figures: the 7-inch versions from NECA (which also come in two-packs), the Barbie Collector Pink Label dolls and the Tonner Doll Company collector dolls.

Of course, the DVDs, BLU-RAYs and soundtracks (including the Twilight score) are also available.

Random items include a lunch box set, beanies, tote bags, jewelry boxes (where else would you put your Cullen crest?!), wallets and a trio pack that includes a tote bag, throw and pillow.

Each purchase also comes with a free New Moon bracelet worth $9.99.


Home to artisans and crafters looking to sell their wares, a simple search of “Twilight” turns up a variety of goodies — including jewelry, hair accessories, bookmarks, bags, purses, wall decals, dolls, and other imaginative goodies.

Staff Picks

These are products recommended by various members of the Novel Novice Twilight staff.

Bella’s Corduroy Jacket

Available at both Hot Topic and Torrid, this replica of the jacket Bella wears in The Twilight Saga: New Moon is super comfy. It’s surprisingly warm and super-comfy. It’s fully lined and the stretchy bottom and cuffs make it feel more like a sweatshirt than a tailored coat.

What’s also nice, is that nowhere on the exterior does it say Twilight or New Moon. In fact, it’s only the inside tag that reveals the jacket’s connection to the series. While I have no problem declaring my Twi-love, it’s also nice to be an incognito fan sometimes … and with this jacket, only fellow fans “in the know” will recognize it for what it really is.

Fair warning: it does run small, so buy a size larger than you normally would.

Twilight Beauty “Bella” Palette

Of the four palettes offered, Bella is, I think, the one that works the best with most skin tones. I am a natural blonde with porcelain skin, and the nude colors of the eye shadows blend in well without looking too orange or rosy. The shadow is also crease-free, which is a makeup pet peeve of mine, and stays fresh looking throughout a nine-hour workday.

Also, the cherry red lip-gloss is sheer enough that it gives just a hint of warmth to my lips instead of looking like a magic marker, which is usually the problem I have with red lipsticks. And it doesn’t go on sticky like some other glosses – it feels very smooth and coats more like a lipstick than a gloss.

Bella’s St. Jude Bracelet

This prop replica bracelet was something I happened to stumble upon one day at Hot Topic, and it was too unique to pass up. I had always liked the jewelry Bella wears, and remembered from the Twilight Illustrated Movie Companion that Catherine Hardwick had found this bracelet at a shop in Portland during filming.

Afterward, I did a little research, and found out that Saint Jude is the patron saint of lost causes and impossible situations. Whether Catherine knew this beforehand or not, I don’t know, but it intrigued me nonetheless.

The bracelet is elastic, and the colors are neutral enough to wear with just about anything.

I find that it’s a nice little reminder of the Twilight Saga, and that no situation is impossible with God.

Nordstrom New Moon fashion line for BP “Team Edward” Tee

I am unapologetically and forever Team Edward, and this shirt is what I wore when I saw New Moon opening weekend. It is very soft and comfortable, and I love the design. There are scribbled hearts, the number 17, and script that reads ‘stand by your vampire…’ Because it’s a burnout tee – and it was cold outside – I wore a long-sleeved gray shirt underneath, and it still fit well.

I prefer this clothing line to the one at Hot Topic because these are not limited to the films as the majority of Hot Topic’s merchandise seems to be. Sometimes it feels a little too … juvenile … to wear a shirt with Edward’s face plastered all over it. But I will admit that I own garments from both stores all the same. Every once in a while, it’s fun to be flagrantly obsessed in public with all things Twilight.

Webkinz Timber Wolf

This adorable little guy – whom I have named Jacob, of course – was something I scoured numerous stores for a few weeks ago, when my mom was looking for items to put in a Twilight-themed showcase at her school.

Although I am with the vampires by all accounts, I must say that this cute pup is working very hard to change my mind.

This would be an ideal gift for any Team Jacob or werewolf fan, though it is a bit pricy for a stuffed animal since it’s a Webkinz, which could also make it harder to find in stores. But he gets bonus points for being so darn hug-able!

Borders Twilight Saga Water Bottle

We all need to stay hydrated — so why not do it in style? I typically carry a water bottle with me during my workday, and I’ve got this beauty on my Christmas wish list to replace the boring old plain water bottle I’m currently using. It’s available in Borders stores only (not online).

Want to see more? Check out last year’s shopping guide.

Now tell us in the comments … what are your favorite Twilight Saga products? And where do you like to shop for Twilight merchandise?

NNT’s Libby, Stephanie, Steph #2 and Lee also contributed to this article.


54 Responses

  1. FAV SCENE: When jacob calls mike a marshmallow and he and bella start talking.

    On This Post: I hope I win!!! I have the ‘Twilight Lip Venom’!!! (It’s awesome!) My mom kindly drove to the next city to go buy it. I also have the ‘Twilight Woods’ lotion and perfume!!! (Both of which smell REALLY good.)
    So, I recommend buying them if you haven’t already.

  2. Is there anywhere to buy Twilight-themed ornaments that AREN’T personalized? I really don’t want my own name on an ornament but I would love a Twilight-themed (or just Edward-themed 🙂 ) ornament to put on the tree this year.

  3. This is comment for the ornament contest. My favorite scene in NM is Edward reciting Shakespere!


    Favorite scene: I really loved the part when Jacob is teaching Bella how to ride the motorcycle!

    About this post: I love all the new Twilight and New Moon items that we can buy and the movie was amazing!

  5. I’d love to win the ORNAMENT. My favorite scene is when Bella asked Edward to kiss her.

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  7. My favorite scene was when I think Embry says Well the wolf’s out of the bag now=] I would love to win the ornament to put on the tree.

  8. I love the Twilight Woods products. They smell so amazing. I would love to win the ornament.

  9. I don’t think that i could pick a favorite but i really want an ornament so i’ll try
    I was blown away with how Rob was the Edward in my head. there were only glimpses and moments of that in the first movie but it was so dead on in the second that it kind of freaked me out (in a good way) so– that scene where we first see them in the parking lot, the dialog back and forth and that kiss are definitely on the favorite list

  10. I love the whole movie, but if I have to choose I think the reunion scene in Volterra is my favorite.

    A Twilight ornament for my tree would be great =).

  11. Love to share my favorite scene with everyone, and all the while having a shot at winning an ORNAMENT while doing so. Like most people, I feel that usually the book is better than the movie. However, the direction that the movie took in Harry Clearwater’s demise is so much better! That red hair is so shocking that he had a heart attack right there! Good job on having the imagination to create such an astonishing first and brief meeting between the two.

  12. my favourite is maybe the scene in which Bella runs in Volterra thinking that it is too late, but she is running…well while watching it I was shivering..it was really impressive. Choosing one is very hard, cause I love ALL the scenes!! (L) 🙂

  13. Not as an entry for the contest…but my favorite scene is Edward’s slo mo entrance in the parking lot and his light-hearted exchange with Bella. Until Jake shows up. 😉

  14. I’d love to win the ORNAMENT! *One* of my favorite NM scenes (because it’s hard to narrow it down to just one): the vote. I’m a total Cullen family junkie! Emmett’s “Hell yeah!” and Carlisle’s “You’ve chosen not to live without her, which leaves me no choice,” are two of my favorite quotes from the whole saga. The addition of dialogue to the Edward/Carlisle exchange (“Why are you doing this to me?” and “I won’t lose my son.”) make this scene even better!!

    About this post: Thanks for the link to Dazzled by Twilight. I knew about the stores, but I didn’t know I could order from them online. Love it!

  15. (This is a re-post. I forgot to put……ORNAMENT!!!!)
    FAV SCENE: When jacob calls mike a marshmallow and he and bella start talking.

    On This Post: I hope I win!!! I have the ‘Twilight Lip Venom’!!! (It’s awesome!) My mom kindly drove to the next city to go buy it. I also have the ‘Twilight Woods’ lotion and perfume!!! (Both of which smell REALLY good.)
    So, I recommend buying them if you haven’t already.

  16. My favorite scene is when the camera circles around Bella and they do the four months that go by where she is lifeless. I wondered how they would show that and I thought they did a great job. She truly looked like a zombie for that scene.

  17. I want to win the ornament!!! My scene is……well is is hard to choose……. my favorite scene is probably when Jacob turns into a werewolf and the stuff that proceeds afterward.

  18. I would love to win the ornament! My favorite scene in New Moon is “the vote.”

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  20. I would love to win the ORNAMENT! My favorite scene is in the beginning when Bella sees herself as an old woman and Edward kisses her hand…it shows that he still will love her even when she is no longer young and beautiful.


    My favorite scene is definitely Jake and Bella’s “break-up” scene outside of Jake’s house. I thought Taylor Lautner did a great job of communicating how tortured Jake felt.

  22. A Twilight ORNAMENT would be nice on my tree 😉 😛 My Favorite scene from New Moon was when they were at school, in English class, watching Romeo and Juliet, and the teacher asked “Mr. Cullen” to recite the last lines. I physically melted!

  23. A twilight ORNAMENT, hmm..yead I’d like to win it!

    My Fav scene from New Moon was the Volturi meeting/confrontation–vampire cracked skin special effects, cool stunts, breaking stuff–pretty awesome!

  24. ORNAMENT – My favorite scene in New Moon…. Hmmm it’s kinda hard to pick just one. I guess I really like the scene in the woods when Victoria is fighting/running from the wolves. The music, scenery and just everything about it is perfect.

  25. My favorite scene was the last confrontation between Edward and Jacob when Edward asks Bella to marry him. This is for the ORNAMENT contest.


    My favorite scene was the wolves attacking Victoria in the forest. She was great in that scene and the music in the bg did so well at tying it together, it became my new favorite song! They did a wonderful job at adding that action in it and make it more outstanding 🙂

  27. My favorite scene is when Jacob is begging Bella to stay with him rather than go and find Edward. I woulc love to win the ornament.

  28. Ornament – I think my favorite scene is in Volterra when one minute Alec is standing beside Bella with Edward lying on the floor and then a second later Edward has flipped Bella over his arm is standing between her and Felix. I could always imagine things like that while reading the books and it was fun to see their speed brought to life.

  29. Ornament

    My fav scene is in the beginning when Jasper alters bella’s mood and he starts to tell her happy birthday and then says never mind and Edward says you can’t trust a vampire, trust me 😉

  30. I’d love to get an ornament! And, weirdly enough, my fave “NM” scene was any with Charlie, because I swear Melissa Rosenberg has been spying on MY dad and used him as an inspiration for Charlie’s lines. The part in “Twilight” where he’s cleaning his gun as he meets Edward? Really happened to me. The awkward birthday thing where he didn’t really know what to get Bella? Happened to me. Jokes about getting old and gray hairs? Yeah, that’s my dad.

  31. Ornament 😉

    As sad as the scene where Bella gets left behind by Edward, it’s my favorite…
    Her feelings seem so real, the heart ache kills me! Had me full of tears 😥 but I love that I was able to feel her pain.


    My favorite scene is at the end, where Bella goes over to the Cullen house to have them “Vote” on her becoming a vampire. Edward starts to talk and she turns to him and tells him to shut up. It was hilarious. Something small, but made me laugh, and still did the second time I saw it! 🙂

  33. ornament..mmmm 🙂

    my favourite scene is when Bella asks Edward to kissy him. I saw it so many times before the movie in the trailer, but it haven’t lost its magic 4 me!! (L)

  34. uhh…my favourite scene is when Bella asks Edward to kiss HER. I saw it so many times before the movie in the trailer, but it HASN’t lost its magic 4 me!! (L)

    (I shouldn’t have wrote in English after a 5.hour long Chemistry test… )

  35. *Ornament*

    Its hard to pick a favorite moment, but i would have to say when they show Edward in Rio de Janeiro after he finds out bella’s dead and he turns around and smashes his phone. you just know the sad part is almost over!

  36. *ornament*

    omg my favorite moment is when bella and edward are reunited in italy… i loved it soooo much!!! TEAM EDWARD all the way!! i dream every night about beiging with someone like him he is the most amazing person in the world!!!

  37. *ornament*
    My favorite part in new moon is when edward and bella are reunited in italy i love him sooo much and that scene! TEAM EDWARD all the way! i dream about being with him everynight i love him to death!!! hope i win<3.

  38. i love the ornament!!!
    my favorite scene in New Moon is the one where Bella is alone and the months are changing around her and the “Dear Alice” monologue starts. I CRIED!!!

  39. My fav scene in New Moon is at the very end when Edward asked Bella to marry him and then it just go to the credits.AMAZING

  40. Favorite scene is in Rio!

  41. I’d love to win the ORNAMENT….very pretty. My favorite scene from New Moon is the Volturi/fight scene…second scene is the beginning dream/meadow sequence…the whole movie was excellent!

  42. Ornament My favorite scene was the movie night with Bella, Mike and Jacob. It was a wonderful scene.

  43. Ooohhh…I would love to get the ORNAMENT!! 🙂

    My favorite scene from New Moon was the whole break up scene. It was really sad, but done so well. I also loved the Romeo and Juliet part…Edward can quote Shakespeare to me anyday!

    My favorite scene is when Alice and Bella are going to Volterra to prevent Edward from revealing that he is a vampire because he wants to die. I love the yellow car and also the scene with Alice and Bella in the car. I also love the way the movie starts. The very first scene where you see Bella’s dream. The way they made it in the movie was fantastic, I get goosebumps every time I see that scene. It is mysterious and incredibly well filmed. Bella and Edward are the best! I also love the music there is in the background. it makes the scene very good.

    My favorite scene in New Moon is the reunion scene between Bella and Edward. I love what he says to her in that part. 🙂

  46. Have a very happy new year 🙂

  47. That webkinz wolf is super cute I want one!

  48. I’d like to win the Ornament for this contest. But my favorite scene in New Moon is the Tent scene where Jacob and Edward are fighting with Bella sleeping right there not noticing lol.

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