Winners of the Fantasy Soundtrack Contest!

I realized this morning that there are only hours left to the year 2009. And these last several weeks have been incredibly hectic for the staff of Novel Novice Twilight — myself included. In fact, you’ve probably noticed. It’s taken me inordinate amounts of time to get around to announcing the winners of our contests, and yet even more time for me to gather all the winner’s info and pass it along to our contest sponsors. So for the delays, I apologize …

But as I look to wrap up some of the loose ends here at NNT, I’m excited to announce the winners of our Fantasy Soundtrack Contest, sponsored by Bloodshot Records and the band Ha Ha Tonka.

For this contest, we asked you to listen to six songs from Ha Ha Tonka’s album “Novel Sounds of the Nouveau South” and pick one that would fit a scene from Eclipse or Breaking Dawn. We asked you to write a short explanation of your pick, and we’ve narrowed it down to three winners. And in no particular order, here are the winners & their winning entries:

From Marina:

“What Shepherds of These Hills?”
By: Ha Ha Tonka
Scene: History of the Third Wife/Bonfire
Novel: Eclipse

The reasoning I have for choosing this particular song for the history of the Third Wife scene is due to a multitude of reasons. Just from the opening chords played ever so carefully on the guitar make the listener feel as if they are being pulled into a long ago history. They have a sort of mesmerizing, spinning sensation to them, as if as the listener is being put straight into the story of the Third Wife.

The line, “What shepherds of these hills?”, in a way reminds me of the wolf pack. These lyrics seem to be saying that they, like the shepherd, are the ones keeping the innocence sheep (the humans) together and protected from the cold ones, whom are mounting against them.

“Tell me how many there were?/ How many were there?/ So eager to have bloodstained hands/ There were over five thousand strong.” These lyrics really stood out for me for this scene particularly. In my opinion, they sound like the younger ones in the wolf pack asking eagerly, about the cold ones in the story who murdered the two girls. The lyric also, “So eager to have bloodstained hands”, remind me of the cold ones in the story and their malicious killing of the girls, and then their attack on Taha Aki. They know nothing more than “bloodstained hands”, and to feed their thirst must acquire them. And thus, when the Third Wife makes her ultimate sacrifice, their “bloodstain hands” and then her “bloodstain hands” are symbolic of both of their specific thirst. The cold ones thirst for blood and her thirst to protect those she loves.

Another part of this song that makes it appropriate for this scene is the nearly constant “oooo…”s in the background. They bring about an ominous feeling, as if they are the wind blowing over the scene, swirling the words of Old Quil into a web Bella is bound to fall into. I could almost hear this song playing as Bella watching the bonfire crackle and dance in a light breeze. If one listens to the ‘oh’s and ‘ooo…’s it almost sounds like a howl.

“We know that history will be the harshest judge” and “We are all condemned” , has two different meanings in my mind for this scene. Both for the pack, their history will judge them on what they do in the present. The history of their tribe is so precious and meaningful to them, that it condemns them to the lives they must lead, for they do not want to dishonor their forefathers.

The other meaning I found was in Bella’s fate. She knows that she wishes to become a vampire, and thus would be forever entwined with this history. They will judge her for what she chooses to do with her life, and whatever she chooses will condemn her for the rest of her life. Whether she chooses Jacob, she will condemned stand and watch as he leaves everyday to destroy whatever evil comes their way, not knowing whether or not she would see him again. And if she chooses Edward, she would be condemned to eternal life and never knowing rest.

This song is mesmerizing and hypnotizing. While listening to it, I almost felt like Bella mesmerized by the tale being told. The haunting background music, the intriguing lyrics, the metal clanks, and the soothing, yet restless feeling this song presents is lingering, and the reason why I believe it fits well into the history of the Third Wife.

From Lynnett:

Song: “A Seige Of Sorts”
For: Breaking Dawn

This song would be a perfect fit for the scene where Edward becomes comatose when he finds out Bella is pregnant. He has to give up a lot of what he thought to fight a new battle. He is in shock and the melodic wave of the music translates that emotion while the lyrics explain. I can picture Bella’s voice trailing off talking to Carlisle as Edward goes blank then slowly looking back up to her panic stricken face. The music slow and quiet gains momentum and fills the scene until Edward pops out of his coma and takes the phone. What a beautiful scene this would be if I were able to make it happen …

From Sydney:

So I think “What Shepards of These Hills” would be a very good song for Eclipse, when Bella, Edward and Jacob are setting the trap for the newborns from getting to Bella. It’s a good idea because there’s a good atmosphere to the song that fits so perfectly with what’s going on in the movie. When they say “tell me how many there were,” it makes sense that there’s the question of how many newborns are coming after her. Or maybe if you want, the credits. It’s a very soothing sound and a great way to end a movie with because it ties up basically the whole movie in one song! It’s a smart way to end an amazing movie with a great song that most people will want to hear again.

Congrats! Each of our winners will receive a copy of Ha Ha Tonka’s “Novel Sounds of the Nouveau South.” And special thanks to Bloodshot Records & Ha Ha Tonka for sponsoring this great contest!


Preview the new “Hillywood Show: New Moon Parody”

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Wait, that’s not Edward Cullen?!?!

Okay, just for laughs … every year, my dad & I make a calendar for my mom. It’s a long story how this came to be, but part of the calendar creating process involves my dad dressing up in his tux and us taking goofy photos of him. Every year, the calendar has a different theme. This year, we recreated various movie posters. So of course, I insisted one of the months feature New Moon. So now that Christmas is over, and we’ve given my mom her calendar, here is our recreated New Moon poster:

Yes, I know. We’re total goofballs. But there you have it … some of our other months included Harry Potter, Casino Royale, Star Trek and Blues Brothers.

There’s still time to enter our Nov-Dec ’09 Fan Fiction “Winter Story” Challenge!

There are still a few days left to enter our Nov-Dec ’09 Fan Fiction Challenge … we’re calling it the “Winter Challenge.”

That’s because we want you to write a story that takes place during winter. Here are some other guidelines:

* The story can take place at any point in time — before Twilight, during any of the four books, or after Breaking Dawn.

* The story must fit within canon.

* You may write about any of the characters from the Twilight Saga (vampires, humans, wolves, etc.).

* You may write from any POV/perspective (1st person-any character, 2nd person, 3rd person).

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Before Twilight or after Breaking Dawn, do the Cullens live some place where it snows? Somewhere icy?
  • What were some of the other characters thinking in Twilight on the day it snowed?
  • Do the La Push wolves ever travel someplace colder and snowier?
  • Did Jake go some place snowy when he ran away at the end of Eclipse?
  • What is winter like in Volterra?
  • What were Charlie’s winters like in Forks before Bella moved home?
  • What was the winter of New Moon like, during those blank pages in the book?
  • What else can you think of? Be creative!

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Stephenie Meyer recommends The Lonely Hearts Club

This just in from

I hope you all are enjoying your holidays! Just a quick update about a book—arriving in bookstores tomorrow!—that I’m very excited about: The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg. If you’ve ever been out to one of my signings, chances are you’ve already met this debut author. If you haven’t, but you’ve read the acknowledgements in any of my books, you’ve been introduced to her there. Elizabeth has been the publicist for my books from the very beginning, and has (clearly) done an amazing job. She’s also worked with scads of other YA authors. Now her own YA novel is coming out and I’m so proud of her. Well done, Lizzy! I look forward to reading more from you soon!

Here’s a bit more about The Lonely Hearts Club:

Penny is sick of boys and sick of dating. So she vows: no more. It’s a personal choice. . .and, of course, soon everyone wants to know about it. And a few other girls are inspired. A movement is born: The Lonely Hearts Club (named after the band from Sgt. Pepper). Penny is suddenly known for her nondating ways . . . which is too bad, because there’s this certain boy she can’t help but like. . . .

There’s also already a potential movie in the works for The Lonely Hearts Club.

What do you think? Will this be on your personal reading list? Tell us in the comments!