More talk about “Eclipse,” “Breaking Dawn,” and “New Moon” in today’s Twi-News

* Producer Wyck Godfrey talks about a Breaking Dawn movie (movies?) to

* also has a new interview with Anna Kendrick … besides her role in New Moon, she’s also promoting her new movie with George Clooney, Up in the Air. The Twilight Examiner has more on the Up in the Air premiere.

* This week on Reelz Channel’s Twilight Weekly Spotlight they are featuring a new interview with screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, who is talking about Eclipse

* Reelz also has a new interview with Charlie Bewley from the Borders podcast

* Taylor Lautner is hosting Saturday Night Live later this month, and MTV has some suggestions for possible sketches* Oh, Jamie Campbell Bower … it seems the joker still has a few quips left, in this blurb from the AP: 
WASHINGTON (AP) — Being a vampire in the Vulturi clan in “New Moon,” Jamie Campbell Bower gets to hang out with Michael Sheen. Bower isn’t surprised to see the actor best known for playing Tony Blair in “The Queen” wearing fangs and red contacts. He says he sees a correlation between Sheen’s character and Blair. Bower jokes that “they’re both bloodsuckers.” Remember, Bower is the same guy who joked about there being a nude orgy scene in New Moon and people believed him.

 * Twilight makes its television cable debut on January 23, 2010 on Showtime!

* Hachette Book Group — the parent company of Twilight publisher Little, Brown — is going green

* Speaking of Little, Brown — the publisher released the first book in a new Young Adult series yesterday: Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Barely in stores, Warner Bros. has already snatched up the movie rights and is developing the series for the big screen. Learn more about the series HERE, and check out the book trailer: 

Sound like a book series you might read? Tell us in the comments!

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