Lawsuit against Stephenie dismissed!

The Lexicon has details on the dismissal of a lawsuit against Meyer, alleging that she plagiarized Breaking Dawn. MTV also has an article detailing her publisher’s statement, and a New York Times blog also digs into the judge’s ruling, in which he lays the smackdown on Jordan Scott, the author who filed the suit.

In a decision filed late last month, Judge Wright ruled that the novels were “not substantially similar as a matter of law” and admonished Ms. Scott for her “deceptive presentation of the alleged similarities.”


In a statement, Hachette Book Group, Ms. Meyer’s publisher, said, “This judgment confirms what we have known all along – ‘Breaking Dawn’ is a wholly original work by Stephenie Meyer and this was a frivolous lawsuit brought for the purposes of publicizing the plaintiff’s personal publishing aspirations.”

Well, duh! We knew Steph wouldn’t plagiarize, and now the courts do, too.


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