“Breaking Dawn” casting fraud uncovered — don’t be duped!


This just in from Lana Veenker, who did the Portland casting for Twilight and has stayed involved with the fandom since then:

PORTLAND, ORE. Teenagers all across the country are receiving emails like this:

“I wanted to follow up and make sure that you registered for the Twilight ‘Breaking Dawn’ Casting. If you have not applied for the casting yet please do so ASAP, as the deadline is approaching and I want to make sure you are included in the casting process. This is a nationwide casting and Portland area Movie Extras are still Needed. No experience is necessary, all looks/types are wanted and the pay ranges from $80-$250 per day depending on whether it’s part or full time.

“Casting has already started, so you will need to apply as soon as possible. It will be lots of fun, a great way to make connections in the industry, meet your favorite stars and pays well!”

One such email was forwarded to Casting Director Lana Veenker, who handled the Northwest casting on the first “Twilight” movie. The teen’s mother wanted to know if the casting call was for real.

“First of all, I knew it wasn’t credible,” says Veenker, ” because ‘Breaking Dawn’ doesn’t go into production for several months, so no casting director would have been hired yet. Also, the shoot location hasn’t even been announced! How would anyone even know which city or country to be casting in?”

As she did a little more digging, she found out identical emails were being sent to teens all across the country and bogus casting call advertisements, taking advantage of search engine keywords, have been popping up on Twilight fan sites…and even her own blog.

“People who take advantage of kids like this, who prey on their hopes and dreams, truly raise my ire. I get thousands of letters and emails from ‘Twilight’ fans who would do just about anything for a walk-on part in one of the sequels. It scares me to think of what the low-lifes out there could do to hurt such easy targets.”

Veenker was able to track down the company that had originated the bogus casting call and discovered it had an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau. She dissected the email and the company’s website, pointing out all the red flags, on her blog, The Casting Scoop.

“I wanted others to be able to recognize the warning signs themselves, so that when they or their children receive one of these messages, they know what to look for. I could see that the casting call was suspect, because I work in the industry, but how would the everyday person know? These crooks know exactly how to appeal to young people’s dreams of fame and fortune, and are making a fortune themselves. It’s unconscionable.”

Veenker says that when and if “Breaking Dawn” does start hiring extras, it will be widely advertised in the media, in whichever city Summit Entertainment decides to shoot. There will be no need to pay to register for a website in order to find out the details of the casting call. Any company that is claiming it is currently casting extras for the film is a sham.

See more on Lana’s Blog, The Casting Scoop.


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