Interviews, accolades & lots of other Twi-News

* has a new interview with screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg about working with a writing group, and trying to write the script for Twilight in the midst of Hollywood’s writers’ strike.

* According to the AP, the Twilight Soundtrack was the #2 best-selling album on iTunes in 2009!

* Rachel Weisz talks to MTV about looking forward to working with Robert Pattinson in their upcoming movie, Unbound Captives.

* Chris Weitz has come to the defense of a Chicago woman arrested for allegedly videotaping New Moon (turns out, she was taping a birthday party at the movie theater). Via the Lex.

* Stephenie Meyer’s official website has been updated to say that despite any rumors floating around, she is alive and well.

* Oh, and Kaleb Nation made a music video about it:

* Don’t forget to enter our Fantasy Soundtrack Contest … entries due Tuesday, Dec. 15th. Winners get a free copy of Ha Ha Tonka’s “Novel Sounds of the Nouveau South”


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