“The Lovely Bones” for Twilighters

We’ve mentioned Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones previously here at Novel Novice Twilight. Now, with the movie adaptation coming to the big screen, Twilight Parents Examiner Kimberly Sherman has an exclusive review and interviews with the cast about the movie:

As Twilight parents who have undoubtedly seen New Moon at least once, if not, countless times at this point, you’ve been barraged with a slew of trailers. The Lovely Bones, as one of the trailers shown before New Moon, has captivated the attention of millions of viewers throughout the world.


Based on the 2002 best-selling novel, of the same name, by Alice Sebold, The Lovely Bones was brought to life by fantasy craving director Peter Jackson. With the history-making The Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong, and District 9 under his belt, Jackson took the plot of The Lovely Bones and breathed his own, unique vision into the movie.

Though the basic plot of the movie is spelled out in the trailer, the film is filled with obscure moments, pivotal intricacies, and spellbinding moments throughout. The one flaw of the film revolves around the excess of fantasy scenes while Susie discovers her version of heaven- scenes that would have been better devoted to developing character interactions between Susie and her father, such as the rare moment they spend together discussing ships in bottles.

Read the rest of Kim’s article about The Lovely Bones here.

The film opens in limited release Friday, but you can find local release dates online. Meanwhile, here is the official trailer:

Have you read The Lovely Bones? Do you plan to see the movie? Tell us in the comments.

2 Responses

  1. I wasn’t crazy about the book, but the trailer seemed decent. Since I have two little ones and don’t get out that often, I’ll probably wait to see it on PPV.

  2. read the book ages ago – it was okay. i think the movie will be good.

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