Win the t-shirt Taylor Lautner wore on SNL!


We have a very exciting new giveaway for you guys this week from our friends at CafePress!

Last night during the “Lab Partners” skit on Saturday Night Live, Taylor Lautner wore a “Team Edward” t-shirt from CafePress.

Now, you can win either the “Team Edward” shirt or the “Team Jacob” shirt featured in the skit!

All you have to do is comment on this post with your favorite skit from last night’s episode of SNL. Was it “Lab Partners”? Or did you love the “Football Taping”? Maybe Taylor’s monologue was the highlight for you?

Just leave a comment on this post between now and next Saturday, December 19th for your chance to win either t-shirt (your choice)!


See the “Lab Partners” skit below, and click HERE to find links to all of Taylor’s SNL skits.

*          *          *

On a related note, we are pleased to announce that JENN is the winner of our CafePress Twilight Ornament giveaway!

Congrats, Jenn! Look for an e-mail from us soon … and thanks to CafePress for yet another great giveaway!


25 Responses

  1. Jacob’s monologue was great!

  2. my favorite part was the taylor lautner monologues 😀

  3. lap partner i like it because they did not like bella like me

  4. lap partner because i do not like bella nether do they

  5. I liked the monologue….showed off his gymnastics skills. What a very talented young man. But, I like the Team Edward shirt!

  6. I absolutely LOVED “lab partners”! it was too funny!

  7. I really Liked “Lab Partners” That was so funny. Oh and He Looks Great as a chic!

  8. My favorite part was the school assembly. I loved watching Taylor do his Michael Jackson impression 😉

  9. My favorite was Lab Partners. I really liked the monologue too,though. They were both great!

  10. Oh my gosh! That was the best skit EVER! I thought it was really funny! The sad part is I could see that happening to me! LOL

  11. ROFL, that was a funny episode!!! I was so happy Taylor got to host it! I saw a HILARIOUS side of him i never knew. xD I hope more he can do another one or another Twilight star, like Rob or Kellan! xP lol

  12. I’m Team Switzerland but if I get to win a shirt that Taylor wore I’d be soooooooooooo happy:)

  13. I LOVED the ‘Lab Partner’s’ skit but I would have to say the the monologue was my favorite part.

  14. “Lab Partners” was hilarious… specially the part when “Marianna” starts kissing her “notebook” with the picture of Edward… and of course the sentence that follows… Notebooks are not for kissing 😉
    just made my day… 😀

  15. FUNNIEST SNL SKIT N THAT EPISODE!!! lol!!! I love the team edward one!!! Yay December 19th! That’s my birthday!

  16. I liked the “Lab Partner” sketch. Wonder what Rob thinks of Taylor kissing his picture, haha =).

  17. Loved the end of the skit where they both dis Bella. I’m still Team Edward!

  18. The “Lab Partners” was my fav! And, yes, Taylor does deserve an Oscar for those abs!!!! LOL

  19. I love taylor but, I LOVE edward more, so I vote for the team edward t-shrt

  20. I liked his monologue but the lab partners was my fave!

  21. Hahah I loved Jacob’s monologue! Loved his karate moves!

  22. OMFG! I loved the entire show so much!. the monologue was really awesome since we got to see his martial art tricks. The end of the football raping was funny since he did his getting in the zone song. then the lab partners was funny and probably my most favorite!!!

  23. I really really loved the lab partners monologue… it was so funny!! all of his skits were great tho!
    he did a really amazing job hosting snl 😀

  24. […] trying to catch up on loose ends … and one of those includes announcing the winners of our Team Edward/Team Jacob t-shirt giveaway, sponsored by […]

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