Some pre-Christmas Twi-News …

Yes, I know the news has been a bit sporadic lately … we’re all very busy with the holiday season, plus there hasn’t been as much news lately. But I promise, we have a really exciting special treat for you coming this weekend! And we’re hard at work on a brand-new sister site, set to launch next month. So it may be a bit slow now … but we have lots of great things soon to come!

* It’s almost Christmas … see Rob Pattinson’s and Kristen Stewart’s talk about who they would like to kiss under the misteltoe:

*Speaking of Christmas, the Lex has posted a great version of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas — Twilight Style — so clever & so creative!

* Ashley Greene and Robert Pattinson are among Interview magazine’s 20 most beautiful people of the decade

* Two of our favorite Twilight Saga actors talked about their projects on the UK’s GMTV … check out Billy Burke and Anna Kendrick:

* Many moons ago, Kelly Clarkson said that she loved Twilight and had written a song for New Moon. Well, obviously it never made it onto the soundtrack — but you can now listen to her singing “Empty As I Am” —

What do you think? Would it have made a good addition to the New Moon Soundtrack?


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