I found Edward Cullen under my Christmas tree!

Okay, not exactly Edward Cullen … but I did find an Edward Cullen Christmas tag on one of my presents, and some delightful Twilight gifts under the tree!

The most exciting was this painting my mom made (thanks, mom!) called “Twilight in Winter,” in which she depicted Bella and Edward as snowmen. The Edward snowman is even sparkly!

And here is the package with the Edward Cullen tag, which my clever mom made using one of the holiday downloads available right here on Novel Novice Twilight!

(Inside this delightful box was some of the Luna Twilight makeup, and two necklaces from Nordstrom’s New Moon collection.)

What sort of Twilight Saga goodies did you get for the holidays this year? Tell us in the comments!


4 Responses

  1. NONE! 😦 Although I did get a new Blackberry Storm 2 and the first thing I did was download “The Meadow” as a ringtone!

  2. DH gave me a total Twilight themed Xmas….He got me a New Moon Edward stocking filled w/ New Moon chocolates, a couple of Team Edward rubber bracelets, key covers of the Cullen crest. A New Moon jewelry box and a Mattel Edward Barbie. As I was opening the last present, my dh said” you can’t have Edward w/out what?” My mind went to Bella, but instead it was a My Little Pony unicorn, LOL! Has he been reading Wide Awake?????

  3. I had a bit of a Twilight Christmas myself: I got a copy of the New Moon soundtrack (I’m listening to it right now ^_^; ), a New Moon t-shirt, the official movie book, two magazines about the film, a bottle of Twilight Woods perfume (I know it really has nothing to do with the series, but I like it all the same lol), and a Twilight throw 🙂

  4. I got three presents marked from Edward and one from Bella, lol. My lil sis got one from Edward and Jacob together, haha. But I got a NM calendar, the soundtrack, a bracelet with “I’d rather die than be with anyone but you” on it, and a NM magazine with pull out posters.

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