When might we see a trailer for Eclipse?

Ever since the furor over New Moon settled down, it seems there’s been only two things on Twilighters minds: when will Summit make an official announcement about Breaking Dawn, and when will we finally see a trailer for Eclipse?

While we have no idea about the former, the Lex has made some fairly informed guesses about when an Eclipse trailer might surface:

Trailer out for Remember Me: Likely

* March 12 is a great time for a trailer to debut. New Moon will be winding down it’s box office run, and they’ll want to focus on the next best thing.

* Unlike Bandslam, which really no one wanted to see teens or adults–let alone see because a trailer was playing in front of it, the word on the forums is that everyone is interested in Remember Me. The Remember Me trailer that aired in front of New Moon sealed it. Robert Pattison playing moody bad boy redeemed by Emile DeRavin with father Pierce Brosnan—we’re having a hard time finding a downside to this movie.

* This brings up the question, will the trailer get taped and go viral online? No question about it; however, if it’s also in front of a movie that people are actually more interested in they also opt to see it on the big screen as well as play it online over, and over again.

Trailer on New Moon DVD: Likely

* Amazon and other distribution sources are putting the DVD release at mid-March. This makes sense given the timing of the Twilight DVD.

* Again talking about timing we’re putting to rest one product and moving towards the next, kind of a no brainer. On top of that think sales/rentals 20 years from now. You want to get your audience to rent/buy the sequel. How do you ensure that? Put a teaser on the DVD features.

We’re inclined to agree with them — these are both likely possibilities!

Read more at the Lex, including why the trailer would not likely debut at the Golden Globes or the People’s Choice Awards.


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  1. One could only hope David Slades New Years gift to the fans is the trailer. I don’t want to wait till March!

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