Top 4 YA Books of 2009 (According to Tiffany)

If your 2009 was anything like mine, you might need some time to reflect on all those books you just did not have time to read. After finishing graduate school in May, I made a decision to delve into YA lit during the little free time I had. Perhaps because of my involvement with Novel Novice Twilight, or perhaps because of the lingering effects of my gothic brit lit class, I found myself compelled to read books of the gothic persuasion. I read some really fun, great stuff….and some not so great stuff. Because NNT is really excited about our new Novel Novice site, we thought it might be fun to share our favorite books of 2009. Below you will find my top four gothic, YA novels. If you missed these novels…well a great way to start off the New Year would be with a great book! Please feel free share your favs in the comments section and keeping checking for the big reveal of our sister site soon!

(Note: I know Sara picked her favorite five books of the year but I had a hard time coming up with five brilliant gothic, YA books for this list. This does not mean there aren’t many wonderful books out there. But given the crazi-ness of the year…I didn’t exactly get to read the entire gothic, YA section at Barnes and Nobles.)

4. The Forrest of Hands and Teeth

What makes this book so great is how much it took me by surprise. Maybe I did not pay enough attention to the book’s description or maybe I was just in my honeymoon haze when I purchased it, because I had no idea this book was about zombies. Now I like gothic lit but tend to stay away from such overtly supernatural stories. But what is brilliant about this novel is its heartbreaking tale of humanity. And it is heartbreaking. Mary is a character who struggles with her own identity in a world were nothing makes sense. Yes, it is a zombie story. Yes, there is a love triangle. But beyond those things it is a story about an amazing female character who craves to see a world outside her own.

3. Hush I am calling it now. This is the new fad…stories about fallen angles falling in love with humans. This story is funny, edgy, and sexy. Good girls always love the tortured, bad boys…and this novel just proves that. It is a fun read! Forbidden romance is in and this serves it up well.

2. Beautiful Creatures

Think Harry Potter meets Twilight meets amazing-ness. I have already reviewed this book before. click here to read my thoughts!

1. Shiver

Talk about a page-turner. The story is simple:

girl survies freak accident as  a child

girl becomes obsessed with wolves

girl helps boy survive freak accident

and girl and boy find themselves in a destiny-rich romance.

And boy does this novel deliver.

I also created a trailer for the book awhile back:

4 Responses

  1. I love that three of our favorite books were the same … I’m going to have to check out “The Forest of Hands and Teeth” now, too …

  2. My top four for 2010 is Silverbourne by Patricia Briggs, Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick Flirt Laurell k Hamilton,Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead

  3. I really liked 1 and 2 but haven’t read 3 or 4. There were so many good ones that I wouldn’t able to pick a top 4.

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