Official poster of “Remember Me” with Rob Pattinson

Finally released by Summit via iTunes … check out the official one-sheet poster for Remember Me, with Robert Pattinson & Emilie de Ravin:

And because we love it so much, here’s the trailer again:

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  1. 63 days!!!!!!!! I cannot wait…I think I might actually be looking forward to this more than Eclipse! *gasp*!

    • I’m not sure I’d go *that* far … but my coworker & I are already planning a post-newscast matinee the day it opens. (It’s our tradition: we do post-work matinees for any movie we know none of our other friends want to see. That’s how we saw “Little Ashes.”)

      • *jealous* I haven’t seen Little Ashes yet. Just bits and pieces. It’s on my Netflix list though!

        I really am less excited about Eclipse than I would have thought I’d be. I don’t know if it’s just because we haven’t gotten to see any teasers, pics, etc. to whet our appetite, or if I’m just super-wary of David Slade, or just tired of Melissa Rosenburg butchering Edward’s dialogue. Or maybe all three. 😦

        I rather liked New Moon, except for the changes in Edward…I hope more of Edward’s dialogue from the book Eclipse is used in the movie Eclipse…

  2. I think I’m excited for “Eclipse” because it’s my favorite book out of the whole series … and I know we haven’t really seen anything from it yet, but I loved David Slade’s tweets throughout the whole filming process … and I know that some of my favorite scenes were at least *filmed* (even if they don’t make the final cut).

    As for “Little Ashes” … well, I was not a fan. Rob was good; the actor who played Lorca was good; there were good scenes. Just as a whole, the script felt sort of choppy.

    • Eclipse is my 2nd fave. I thought DS’s tweets sucked. LOL And yes, I was happy to see the list of scenes that were filmed…I just hope they were done with justice. I don’t have much faith left in MR, and I don’t think DS would push as hard as CW allegedly did in order to keep it close to the book.

  3. Ohhhh, Rob Pattinson AND Pierce Brosnan in the same movie … now that’s the stuff fantasies are made of!

  4. It’s so refreshing to see him as a “normal guy” instead of this perfect being up on a pedestal. I really look forward to getting a good glimpse of his acting chops in this. Can’t wait for your review, Sara!

    • Hmm, I guess this means I’ll be writing a review … 😉

      • I trust yours more than the all-over-the-place ones from the NYT and such. 🙂

      • I suppose that’s because I’m not really a movie critic … I just know what I like and what I don’t like. I often argue about that with my friend who IS a movie critic.

    • have you seen How To Be? Definitely not the “perfect guy” in that one. But he was so cute in a dorky kind of way. 🙂

      • Gah, I keep meaning to watch that one! My mom recorded it onto a DVD for me when it was on demand, and I still haven’t watched it … I don’t know what I’m waiting for.

      • I honestly can’t judge whether it’s a good movie or not…I just liked Rob in it. 🙂

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