“New Moon” DVD cover art!

Amazon is showing the New Moon DVD & BluRay … no release date yet, but here’s the cover art they’re showing:

Not sure if this is the real deal, but personally I think it’s spiffy looking. You?


5 Responses

  1. I am pleasantly surprised. I thought Jake would have been front and center.

  2. I think Jake SHOULD be more up front. Like him and Edward should switch spots… just because he’s the one she picks in the end doesn’t mean for the second movie (where he is in way more than Edward is) Edward could step back a bit and let Jake get a little more credit and recognition!? *shrug* But it’s not my movie… It’s Stephanie’s baby. As long as she likes it then thats all that REALLY matters!

  3. Looks good!

  4. I agree. It looks good, but Jacob should be more up front than Edward. It’s Jake’s movie. ❤

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