Twilight fans help after devastating Haiti quake

As most of you know, a massive 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti yesterday. The AP is reporting that Haiti’s capitol of Port-Au-Prince is practically destroyed, even the National Palace has collapsed. The destruction is so bad, that authorities will not even estimate a death toll. Help from the U.S. and all over the globe is pouring in.

And it seems Twilight fans are doing their part, too — especially via Twitter. Here’s more from the LA Times:

Various tweeple and bloggers in the gossip and “Twilight” fan communities (@ThinkingofRob is on fire with updates) are urging donations to the Canadian Red Cross and elsewhere.

Also via Twitter, the Red Cross has this information on how you can help:

If you know of fans helping out with the earthquake recovery efforts, send us a link or let us know in the comments below!


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  1. […] As we mentioned yesterday, lots of Twilight fans are reaching out to relief efforts of the Haiti Earthquake. Make sure you’re donating to a reliable organization. Here are some good […]

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