A bevy of Twi-News: Stephenie Meyer, Eclipse, awards, Earthquake relief & more!

* USA Today is spotlighting Stephenie Meyer, and how her books have held the top 4 spots on their best-seller’s list for the second year in a row … They also talk about how Twilight has helped bring other vampire and supernatural stories into the best-seller’s list. (Via the Lex)

* David Slade tweets that he’s had to cancel his New Year’s “surprise,” but that editing is moving along nicely. The Twilight Examiner has an excellent report.

*Interview magazine is featuring Ashley Greene … her interviewer was fellow New Moon star Michael Sheen!

* Kristen Stewart has been nominated for a BAFTA rising star award

* Rob Pattinson’s Little Ashes has been nominated for a GLAAD award

* MTV has some stills & a clip from Kristen Stewart’s The Yellow Handkerchief

* As we mentioned yesterday, lots of Twilight fans are reaching out to relief efforts of the Haiti Earthquake. Make sure you’re donating to a reliable organization. Here are some good links:


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