Novel Novice featured on Twilight Parents Examiner!

Our good friend Kimberly Sherman, the Twilight Parents Examiner, has written a lovely article about adult Twilight fans branching out with new endeavours — and she features our new sister site Novel Novice:

The buzz surrounding the Twilight Saga started with a frenzy, crescendoed to an all-time high, and has leveled off to an elevated place in the cyber world.

But a host of Twilighters, myself included, have recognized a life beyond Twilight. And though some of the ventures seem unrelated, their threads have strong Twilight-related ties.

Consider these adult Twilighters who have continued their love of Twilight through new ventures or topical posts:

Twilight Novel Novice

As a literary site devoted to the Twilight Saga, Twilight Novel Novice has announced their evolution into something greater.

Their new site, simply titled Novel Novice, has a multi-platformed goal and is designed to:

The goal of Novel Novice is to help foster a passion and life-long love of reading among today’s youth. We aim to promote reading, with an emphasis on education — while also providing fun features, activities, contests and more.

Read the rest of the article here!


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