Sweethearts for your sweetheart — featuring Edward, Jacob, Jasper & Emmett!

It looks like NECCO is definitely looking to hone in on the Twilight market for Valentine’s Day (isn’t this one of the biggest candy holidays of the year?) by releasing a bevy of new Twilight Saga candies in fancy new packaging.

Check out these heart-shaped boxes of candy sweethearts:

(Via Eyes of Amber — see more on her blog!)

Here at NNT (and at our sister site, Novel Novice) want to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your favorite literary couples, too! We have a few Twilight Valentines already available … but we’ll be revealing more over the next few weeks. We’ll also be sharing Valentines featuring characters from other books over at Novel Novice … so stay tuned!


2 Responses

  1. I love that Emmett and Jasper are included! Where’s Carlisle? I’m getting the Emmett one for my son, he will be so excited there’s finally something for Emmett! 🙂

  2. Last night I found mini, square lunch box type tins with Twilight Saga themed conversational hearts. The tins featured Edward & Jacob!

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