Rob Pattinson on “Hope for Haiti” (pic)

Did you miss Rob Pattinson on the “Hope for Haiti” telethon? (Don’t feel bad — I missed it, too).

The folks at LetMeSign.Com have posted some screen grabs. Here’s one:

See more pics @LetMeSign.Com

UPDATE: See video now (via EdwardCullenNet):

Yes, he has a beard. Apparently it’s been the chatter amongst some folks on Twitter. Correct me if I’m wrong, but … aren’t there more important things to talk about regarding this event, besides RPattz’s facial hair? Besides, maybe he just didn’t want to shave during his time off in the UK. Or maybe it’s for one of his upcoming movie roles. Or maybe … we just don’t care! He can do whatever he wants with his face!

For more on the “Hope for Haiti” telethon, MTV is live streaming & has some good coverage.


One Response

  1. I don’t like the beard. And, yes, I said it on twitter.

    Me not liking his beard has no bearing on the great thing he did or the charity. It’s just my opinion. I tend to be pretty vocal about my opinion on how he looks, every day…yesterday was no different. It’s not like I was saying, “Ew, RP has a beard so I’m not going to donate.” It was more like, “RP, you are more gorgeous without the beard but with that voice of yours, I’d do anything you said.” 🙂

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