Wait!! Don’t pre-order that NEW MOON DVD just yet!

The Twilight Saga: New Moon DVD goes on pre-sale today … but WAIT!!!!!

Don’t pre-order yours until you know which version you want!

As with last year’s Twilight DVD, there are a number of different versions being made available through various retailers. So don’t pre-order yours until you know which one is best for you.

The Twilight Lexicon has graciously undertaken the massive task of tracking down the right people at various retailers to get better descriptions of each version of the DVD … since right now, the descriptions are decidedly lacking.

Read more about this over at the Lex.

Here are some of the versions already available for pre-order (but remember, wait to put in your pre-order until we get better descriptions):

Amazon  – DVD

Amazon – BluRay



Wal-Mart DVD

Wal-Mart BluRay

Best Buy

Target (Deluxe 3-disc edition) DVD

Target (Deluxe 2-disc edition) BluRay

Barnes & Noble

Last year, I ended up with the Target version because it had tons of extra bonus footage, which was the special feature I most wanted. It seems this year, the Target version also has an extra disc of extended footage & exclusive features. (See the Target special edition cover, above).

But other versions also have exclusive special features … so be sure to read the descriptions carefully to get the version you really want!


6 Responses

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  2. I got the Borders edition last year because it had extra interviews with the cast, as well as Stephenie Meyer (although that interview was pre-Eclipse, but still a good one) and it also came with ten pictures from the movie printed on heavy card. Think I’m gonna get the Target one of New Moon tho. The more discs the better, lol

  3. Yeah, I pre-ordered the Borders one, too because of the pretty packaging and all the extras. But a friend of mine had purchased the Target version, and those extras were fantastic (especially watching Rob play the piano *sigh*).

    I’m thinking that this time around, I’ll be heading to Target for my copy of “New Moon”. I adore the special edition cover, and I’m excited to see what film lithograph is included in the package.

  4. I started with the one from Borders and ended up also getting the one from Target and iTunes. I want them all!

  5. I think I’ll be grabbing Target’s version, again.

    Does anyone know if we’re getting deleted/extended scenes? I noticed that none of the detail listings included either feature…

    • That’s why we’re suggesting you wait to pre-order … the retailers will eventually list details about what their special features include.

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