Preview: Twilight in Forks Documentary!

Okay, I confess … when I first heard about the Twilight in Forks Documentary, I was skeptical. I mean, really? It sounded a bit like someone just trying to make some $$$ off the whole Twilight phenomenon. But after watching this preview via Kaleb Nation, I think I may actually check out the full documentary. Of course, I AM curious if the documentary isn’t all love for Twilight. Living in the Pacific NW, I can tell you that not everyone in Forks loves the attention it’s getting these days — despite how good it’s been for the local economy. (Forks was a struggling logging community pre-Twilight … no one will deny that the fandom has definitely helped the town stay afloat.) Anyway, I’ll stop making commentary and get on with it … here is Kaleb’s video blurb about Twilight in Forks, which includes the documentary trailer:

Pre-order Twilight in Forks here.


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