“A Winter’s Tale” Fan Fiction Winners!

Firstly, I want to apologize for the delay … but here are the winners of our Nov-Dec ’09 Fan Fiction Challenge.

For this challenge, we asked you to write a story that takes place in winter.  The winners each get to post this banner with their stories.

First Place: Snow on Italian Rooftops-Justice by Natilie Sawada

This short story gives us a glimpse into Jane’s mind, as well as what the Volturi are up to.

Second Place: The Wise of These Days by The Sound and the Fury

This is a sweet story showing a post-Breaking Dawn Cullen Christmas, inspired by The Gift of the Magi. I like the way this story reminds us that just because Bella became a vampire and joined the Cullen family, it doesn’t mean every day will always be sunshine and roses.

Third Place: December by Cas2986

Taking place during the heart-breaking Christmas of Bella’s senior year, when the Cullens were away, this story is written from Charlie’s point-of-view.

Honorable Mention: New Moon’s Christmas by HollySACullen

And here is Bella’s point-of-view of Christmas without Edward.

Congrats to the winners! See past challenge winners here, and be sure to check out our January-February 2010 Challenge … the deadline is February 28th!


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  1. “Justice” was cool.

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