Cool vampire comparison chart!

Ever wondered if any other vampires sparkle? Are they all as hot as Edward? Who has fangs and who doesn’t?

The Open Book Society has tracked down a fun comparison chart of vampires through time, listing everything from weaknesses to plot similarities; Twilight to Count Chocula.

 The full chart can be seen on Wikipedia.


5 Responses

  1. That’s pretty awesome, but I gotta disagree with the “30 Days of Night” vamps. They weren’t ordinary looking. They had full-on animalistic looking teeth, black eyes, slightly distorted faces. They were scary looking as far as vamps go

  2. Um… agreed. The 30 Days of Night vampires were probably the scariest vampires I’ve ever seen. Sometimes they still pop up in an occasional dream/nightmare and scare the dickens out of me. Also, Buffy vampire fangs were not retractable. They came and went as the vampire went between normal face and demon-faces. The whole lore behind Buffy vampires is that there were/are pure vampires (you see them eventually, really creepy monsters), and at some point the vampires tainted themselves by mixing with human blood. So vampires are demons who hide within human bodies. When they go all “vamp face” the demon shows through. Just straightening that up. It’s not like True Blood retractable where they just go “whoosh!” and pop out. 😛

  3. Umm… didn’t Twilight’s vampires have fangs? I mean, people couldn’t see them, but they were still there…

  4. No, not quite fangs. Their teeth looked like human teeth were just extraordinarily razor-edged for easy biting.

  5. Nope, no fangs in Twilight. I think there’s even a scene between Bella and Jacob where he teases her about it and she says something like, “Shut up, you know he doesn’t have fangs!”

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