Do Twilight fans score higher on the SATs?

Do Twilight fans score higher on standardized tests like the SATs and ACTs? If they’re using Brian Leaf’s books Defining Twilight and Defining New Moon, then the answer is probably YES!

See how Leaf’s clever idea — vocabulary workbooks that use Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga books to help teens study — is paying off big-time:

This book is very useful in teaching how to study and how to find the meaning of words by using context clues – something many do not know how to do when taking important tests.

Although it may not help readers with math, these study methods it will prepare them for reading and writing sections of standardized tests.

The book is very similar to other study guides out there but has a more unique quality to it, as it relates studying to something that has many fans.

Will this study guide reach a cult following like “Twilight” has?

Probably not, but Leaf should be recognized for trying something new and taking a bite out of the “Twilight” empire to better students preparing for important standardized tests.

“Defining Twilight” is sure to be a big hit in high school and college classrooms.

Read more here.

You can learn more about Defining Twilight and other books from Brian Leaf at his official website.


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  1. That’s awesome; I’m going to buy them when I take the SATs. [:

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