Jury duty woes, co-stars & new TV spots!

* While it’s nice to see Kristen Stewart performing her civic duty & reporting for jury duty, it’s unfortunate that the incident has landed a couple of security guards in hot water. From E! news (via the Lex):

[Kristen] appeared in Los Angeles Superior Court earlier this week to serve jury duty. Apparently, one of the security guards was a Twi-hard and asked K.Stew to pose for a quick camera-phone photo. Obviously, she was in the giving mood, she obliged.

However, it appears that perhaps K.Stew shouldn’t have been so generous. The guard’s pal (who was also there) then allowed his wife to post the picture on the Internet…and now the two men could lose their jobs because of it.

* Jessica Alba talks to MTV about the movie Valentine’s Day, and shares her thoughts on Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift

* Jackson Rathbone appears in a new TV spot (set to air during the Super Bowl) for his upcoming movie The Last Airbender:


One Response

  1. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stoked on “The Last Airbender”!!!! Loved the cartoon and the movie looks SICK!

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