Write a love story for our Fan Fic Challenge!

I want to remind you about our January-February Fan Fiction Challenge — going on now!

For this challenge, we want you to:


Write a story about two characters in love.


* The story can take place at any point in time — before Twilight, during any of the four books, or after Breaking Dawn.

* The story must fit within canon.

* You may write about any of the characters from the Twilight Saga (vampires, humans, wolves, etc.), but the pairing must fit within canon.

* You may write from any POV/perspective (1st person-any character, 2nd person, 3rd person).

Get creative!

There’s a lot of love going around in the Twilight Saga.  How about a story about Charlie and Renee and the early days of their marriage?  Billy and Sarah Black?  A member of the Volturi?  One of the nomadic vampires we met in Breaking Dawn?  Charlie and Sue?

Your story can be sweet, romantic, funny, or whatever strikes your muse, as long as it’s a love story between two characters.

Entries are due by midnight (PST) on Monday, March 1st.

E-mail submissions to christie.novelnovice@gmail.com as a Microsoft Word (.doc) or plain text (.txt) attachment.

See HERE for complete rules & details!


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