RPattz’s beard explained! (It’s for ‘Bel Ami’)

Remember last month, when all anyone could talk about after the Hope for Haiti telethon was Rob Pattinson’s beard?

Turns out the scruffy facial hair is, in fact, for his role in the upcoming movie Bel Ami:

Robert is chatting in a London hotel room and he doesn’t look like his famous vampire character because he has grown a beard for new film Bel Ami. He admits for the first time in two years he’s been able to walk around his home city largely undetected.

“I would like to do an audition with no one knowing who I am and see what would happen though,” he laughed.

Read more with Rob about his other projects at the UK Daily Record.

Rob’s facial hair is also evident in preview photos from his upcoming Details Magazine cover (shown here), though these photos were likely shot awhile ago (before the telethon).


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