Steamy new still images from ‘Eclipse’ (OME!!)

Words fail me …

These come today on the heels of some more STEAMY still images of Rob Pattinson in Remember Me (Please note: Shower!)

Leave your thoughts on these new images in the comments!!


7 Responses

  1. Yes, quite satisfying indeed.

  2. wow! look at rob! 🙂 cant wait ’till ECLIPSE! 🙂

  3. Yeah, between these and the new Remember Me stills…I pretty much died today….is Summit on a mission to reduce their target audience to a puddle of goo by releasing these photos on the same day?!

  4. *squee* My Monday afternoon just got a million times better!!! 😀

  5. Um, yeah. Between the two sets of images released today, I had a total fangirl meltdown. Hence my overuse of exclamation points and the “OME.”

  6. My day suddenly looks alot better… ;)*lets out fangirl squeel*

  7. OME, I had a total fangirl squeel as well, couldnt help myself. Sooo excited for Eclipse 🙂

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