Congrats: Kristen Stewart wins at BAFTAs!

Kristen Stewart has just won the Rising Star Award at the BAFTAs, the UK equivalent of the Academy Awards. Here’s what the live-bloggers at Empire had to say:

Now it’s time for the public-voted Orange Rising Star award, which is being presented by last year’s winner Noel Clarke, looking as sharp as ever even in his reading specs. His blurb manages to mention films by all the nominees – we believe his claim that he wrote it himself given that it’s not immediately forgettable. Given that this is voted for by the public, are we immediately discounting the ace-but-unknown (and foreign) Tahar Rahim for A Prophet, and betting that Twilight’s Kristen Stewart will take it? We kinda are. But let’s see: the BAFTA goes to…KRISTEN STEWART. What a shock. “Wow. Thank you. I guess first I have to thank all the fans of Twilight for proving again and again to be THE most devoted and attentive fans ever. Considering this is voted, credit is due to them so thank you. To the other actors nominated, I am so blown away by you that I can’t even describe it. To be voted among you is just overwhelming. And I’d like to say hi to my family.” That’s rather a sweet speech, and one that shows awareness of the public vote; fair play.

The award is, indeed, voted on by fans — but only in the UK. It’s exciting to see that fans abroad have such a big appreciation for Kristen Stewart. Also, as has been previously noted, this award is usually given to a British actor, and usually a male.


Here’s what Kristen had to say earlier on the red carpet:

And look for a full recap of Twilight Saga stars at the BAFTAs tomorrow TODAY on Novel Novice Twilight!


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