Kristen Stewart thanks ‘Twilight’ fans for support

Kristen Stewart’s non-Twilight career is still going strong, and she’s staying true to herself by continuing with mostly smaller movies that interest her as an actress (go, girl!). She’s also incredibly grateful for the support Twilight fans are giving to her other projects:

So when we caught up with KStew recently, we had to ask: What does it mean to have a fanbase that would follow a tiny film so intently that it would get the film released theatrically?

“I mean, that’s amazing,” the actress said, searching for words to express her gratitude. It’s an occurrence that doesn’t always happen, and KStew still isn’t convinced that her fanbase would support any non-“Twilight” film.

“Who knows if that’s true across the board?” she explained of “Twilight” fans clamoring to see tiny films like Robert Pattinson’s “Ashes” and “How to Be,” or her own “Cake Eaters.”

Still, it has undeniably helped, and KStew is appreciative of the blockbuster-embracing fanbase also giving love to the stars’ tiny films. “That’s awesome that ‘Twilight’ has given my other little movies a hand,” the 19-year-old actress explained. “Because I am really proud of them.”

Read more at MTV.


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