Relationship Rumor Control

Okay, just to set the record straight … apparently The Sun (A UK tabloid) reported that Robert Pattinson admitted to them post-BAFTAs that he & Kristen Stewart are officially in a relationship.

Not so much.

It sounds like The Sun reporter took a quote and ran it out of context to fit their own needs. Here’s the scoop from Gossip Cop:

Unlike numerous other sites which took the interview at face value and never fact checked, including Hollyscoop (“Robert Pattinson Confirms He’s Dating Kristen Stewart) and HollywoodLife (“Finally, Kristen! Your boyfriend R-Patz ADMITS you are a couple!”), Gossip Cop verified with the reporter — more than once over the course of a few hours — what was and wasn’t said on Sunday.

The reporter told Gossip Cop Pattinson “didn’t say ‘we are a couple,’” adding that “he wasn’t going to spell it out in great detail.”

What the reporter did ask during the post-BAFTAs dinner, where Pattinson was several feet away from Stewart for this Q&A, was, “Is this a public appearance together?”

The reporter told Gossip Cop Pattinson replied, “We are together.”

When Gossip Cop pressed him on whether Pattinson’s response meant he and Stewart were a couple, the reporter said, “That’s my assumption from what he said.”

OK, so Pattinson never actually said they were “a couple.”

So, once again … the celebrity rumor mill has gone crazy.

Thanks, Gossip Cop, for digging a little deeper and getting the facts (and not just re-reporting The Sun’s fake story without verification).

Learn more about our campaign to promote truth in reporting with Twilighters for Truth.


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