Robert Pattinson on ‘The Today Show’ for ‘Remember Me’

Robert Pattinson will be making a ton of TV appearances this week to promote Remember Me, which premieres tonight in New York City.

This morning, his first promotional stop was on The Today Show. Here’s some of the coverage:

Today Show Interview:

Matt Lauer interviews Rob about filming Remember Me and breaking away from the role of Edward Cullen. (But really, NBC? Was it really necessary to identify Rob as “Robert Pattinson: Vampire Actor Stars in Remember Me‘??)

(NOTE: I haven’t actually watched the segment yet, because I heard there were spoilers about the movie discussed.  Just something to keep in mind.  –addicted2edward)

Today Show gets fans riled up:

Yes, the producers of Today certainly know how to get people screaming. Say “Robert Pattinson.”

The Twilight Examiner also has a nice write-up about Rob’s Today Show appearance.


2 Responses

  1. I agree about the vampire thing. I’ll bet Robert Pattinson can’t wait to be known as someone other than Edward Cullen, heartthrob vampire. 🙂

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