Rob Pattinson on ‘The View’ – plus the ‘Shower Scene’

* Robert Pattinson and Remember Me co-star Emilie de Ravin talked to MTV about the “Shower Scene” in their upcoming movie:

“I don’t really know how to explain it,” Pattinson laughed. “It’s pretty forward for a second date!”

The action gets started as Ally and Tyler are in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner and talking about school. Ally decides she doesn’t like how her date is washing the dishes, and Tyler seems to think it’s a good opportunity to get her soaked.

“He decides to playfully spray me with the water hose in the kitchen, and I dump a [pitcher] of water over him, and he takes me in the shower, and we end up fighting ’cause he’s trying to spray me down again,” de Ravin said.

Your standard second date, huh?

“For me, anyway,” she laughed.

* Pattinson & de Ravin also appeared on The View today. Check out video of their appearance, plus back-stage footage with Rob’s family!

2 Responses

  1. Love how Barbara refers to Rob’s “fangs.” Way to do research on your guests, Babs. Anyone else uncomfortable watching this interview? There is no personal space – they’re ambushed by these women!

    • I would be scared to go on that show!!

      And I realize that Barbara Walters has had a long career in journalism pre-“The View” … but every time I hear her speak, I just keep picturing Gilda Radner doing her on SNL back in the day. “This is Baba, Wawa” … teehee.

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