Rob on The Daily Show, plus Eclipse & Breaking Dawn News

* Robert Pattinson appeared on The Daily Show last night to talk about Remember Me. You can now watch the interview online at Comedy Central.

* Kellan Lutz talks to MTV about the action scenes in Eclipse:

“I did [see some of ‘Eclipse’] … and it’s badass,” Lutz told MTV News on the red carpet at Cosmopolitan magazine’s 2010 Fun Fearless Males party. “The action really drew me in and I think the guys are really going to like this movie.”

* Kellan also weighed in on the debate over whether Breaking Dawn should be shot in 3D:

Like Pattinson, Lutz isn’t a big fan of movies filmed in multiple dimensions. “3-D kind of hurts my eyes anyways. ‘Avatar’ was amazing in 3-D and in IMAX, but I don’t think I wanna see a little baby half-vampire in 3-D,” he said, echoing a similar sentiment made by Stewart. “There’s just some scenes I just wouldn’t want to see in 3-D.”

* MTV has more with Robert Pattinson & co-star Emilie de Ravin from the premiere of Remember Me, this time discussing their on-screen chemistry.

* Entertainment Weekly reports that Summit has hired a new editor for work on Eclipse — bringing on the original editor from the first Twilight movie, who has also worked with director David Slade on previous projects.


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