Rob, Kristen, Kellan & Stephenie Meyer in today’s Twi-News

* First of all, a very happy 4th birthday to The Twilight Lexicon … go see what the gals there have cooked up to celebrate this month!

* Robert Pattinson talks to MTV about Kristen Stewart’s latest roles:

If you were at all worried, though, know that Pattinson has been reciprocating that support and praise for Kristen’s new films. “I saw a really early cut of ‘The Runaways,’ ” he told MTV News on Monday. “It was really good. And ‘Welcome to the Rileys’ is really good too. But I saw both things at really early cuts, so I don’t know really what they’re like now. But ‘Welcome to the Rileys’ is amazing.”

Read more here.

* Speaking of … if you head to the official The Runaways website, you can hear Dakota Fanning’s version of the song “Cherry Bomb”

* Kellan Lutz talks to MTV about the remake he’s doing of A Nightmare on Elm Street

* Stephanie Meyer has updated her website with info about t-shirts for The Host, and the Twilight graphic novel.


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