New Moon: Which DVD Edition to Choose?

March 20 will be here before we know it, and with it comes the New Moon DVD!  There are several versions of New Moon available on DVD and Blu-Ray, including some exclusive content available from some stores and not others.  How is a fan to choose which one(s) to get?

In an attempt to make it easier for you, we’ve broken down the versions available in the U.S. by what’s included and where you can buy it.  We’ve even included direct links for your convenience.

Live outside the U.S.?  If you have details about any of the international New Moon DVD releases, let us know in the comments (include a link if possible) or via email to and we’ll update this post accordingly.

Please note: the prices listed here reflect the prices on the websites and were accurate as of March 4, and do not include taxes, shipping, or other fees.  The price may be different when you place your order, and the price in the store may be different than the website.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Special Edition

DVD  (2 Disc)

Blu-Ray (1 Disc)

The Special Edition includes over 70 minutes of special features including:

  • Revealing feature length commentary with Director Chris Weitz and Editor Peter Lambert
  • Riveting 6-PART DOCUMENTARY that takes you behind the scenes
    • Part 1: Life After Twilight
    • Part 2: Chris Weitz takes the helm
    • Part 3: The Subtle Details
    • Part 4: Time to Shine
    • Part 5: Tricks of the Trade
    • Part 6: Ready for the World
  • Band Rehearsal Footage with Muse
  • Music videos from Death Cab for Cutie, Anya Marina, and Mute Math!

Available at:

Exclusively from Target:

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Deluxe Edition

DVD (3 Discs)

Blu-Ray (2 Discs)

In addition to what’s included on the Special Edition (see above), this includes:

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Introducing the Volturi Featurette
  • Frame by Frame: From Storyboard to Screen Featurette
  • Fandamonium: A Look at the Die Hard Fans
  • The Beat Goes On: The Music of New Moon Featurette.
  • 5×7 Collectable Film Cell

DVD: $24.99

Blu-Ray: $29.99

Exclusively from Walmart:

The Twilight Saga: New Moon The Ultimate Fan Edition

DVD (2 Disc) plus “Twilight in Forks”
(includes DVD Documentary about the real-life town of Forks, WA.)

DVD (2 Disc)

Blu-Ray (1 Disc)

In addition to what’s included with the Special Edition (see above), this includes:

  • 7-minute sneak peek of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” an exciting behind-the-scenes look at the production of the newest film in the franchise. New interviews with stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, as well as with series-creator Stephenie Meyer are integrated with revealing, on-the-set footage of some of the key scenes and sets from the upcoming movie. This first-look at “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” then concludes with the world premiere of an actual scene from the film between Bella and Edward that will surely have “Twilight” fans swooning.

UPDATE! According to an article by The Twilight Examiner, the Walmart DVD actually contains more special features than the website says.  They include:

  • Team Edward versus Team Jacob: The Ultimate Love Triangle
  • Introducing the Wolf Pack
  • Becoming Jacob
  • Edward Goes to Italy
  • Jacob Fast Forward (and) Edward Fast Forward

See the article for more info on each feature.  What an error on Walmart’s part!  Had I know the Edward Fast Forward was included on the Walmart DVD, I would have purchased it over another one.

DVD with “Twilight in Forks” Documentary: $29.96

DVD: $24.96

Blu-Ray: $29.96

Exclusively from Borders

The Twilight Saga: New Moon [Borders Exclusive – 2  Disc with Medallion] DVD

In addition to what’s included with the Special Edition (see above), this includes:

  • Previously unreleased EXTENDED SCENES such as Jake in Bella’s Room and Edward meeting the Volturi and many, many more!
  • INTERVIEWS with cast members Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, the Cullen Family, the Wolf Pack, the Volturi and Director Chris Weitz
  • unrivaled RED-CARPET FOOTAGE from the movie premiere
  • front row seats to The Twilight Saga: New Moon WEBCAST.
  • exclusive medallion necklace on a silver chain—gold side features wolf-pack tattoo design, silver side shows the Cullen crest.

Price $29.99

Exclusively from Best Buy

Twilight Saga: New Moon – Exclusive Steelbook Package



The information on the Best Buy website is not complete, but I’m assuming the content is the same as the Special Edition (see above).  But this is NOT CONFIRMED and NOT STATED on the Best Buy website.

In addition, this includes:

  • Steelbook packaging
  • Free cell phone skin

DVD $24.99

Blu-Ray $26.99

Which DVD are you getting?  Are you going to get more than one?


23 Responses

  1. Thanks for helping break it down…it’s hard to choose! I definitely am not buying more than one, but am leaning towards Target b/c of the deleted scenes.

  2. I’m going to get the Borders Exclusive, basically because I have a Borders gift card burning a hole in my pocket. 🙂 I’m also waiting to see what Eclipse merchandise they come out with.

    We recently got a Blu-Ray player and HDTV so I may decide to also get the Target Deluxe Blu-Ray as well. I have two copies of Twilight and I said I would only buy one New Moon, but…

  3. I was all set to buy Target, like last year, for the deleted scenes … then Borders went all WHAM-BAM and came out with extended scenes??? Aaagh. Heaven forbid they just release one stinking version …

    • I know. It’s so annoying. I think they will find that less fans will buy multiple copies of NM than Twilight…

      Hopefully for Eclipse they just have one version with the extras instead of all this “exclusive” crap.

  4. I CAN’T WAIT! I am getting the 2-disc with the 7 min sneak peek of eclipse.I AM DIEING TO SEE IT!!!!!!

  5. I was passing by Barnes and Noble today, and I saw a poster for the New Moon DVD. You do get a kinda cute bagclip (I think they mentioned it being worth something like $7) if you preorder the DVD.

  6. I’m getting the Borders and Target editions to grab the extended and deleted scenes. I don’t care so much about new cast interviews; give me more New Moon! (I’m hoping someone found more of the Cullens on the cutting room floor. Hands down best deleted/extended scene from Twilight was Carlisle&Esme!)

  7. As a film student… I’m adding on to my conditions “which one will be the most educational for me?” So, I really should be looking for the ones with the most behind-the-scenes content… like that storyboard featurette thingy one had, that looks interesting… but extended scenes are calling my name…and so are the ECLIPSE STUFF!! Ugh. I can’t get more than one, though.

    I’m leaning towards the target. All the Eclipse stuff is just gonna show up other places… and then not matter much once I see the movie.

  8. To tell you the truth… this is a rotten way to do it. Deleted scenes only on one version? They should be on EVERY copy. I think the way they did Twilight was better. Twilighters are going to get major headaches deciding which version they want!

    • Totally agree Kelsey. It’s ridiculous.

      I’m also not as enticed by the Eclipse stuff…it’s the ONLY special feature on the disc, and it’s only a couple more months before Eclipse comes out anyway. I’d rather have extended/deleted scenes.

      • Plus, it’s not even clips from Eclipse … just behind the scenes stuff. Meh.

  9. I’m actually kind of hoping that fans DON’T buy multiple copies, and the sales suffer because of it. Maybe Summit will get the hint!

  10. […] goes on sale in less than two weeks — on March 20th. To help you out, we’ve got a nifty Twilight Saga: New Moon DVD Comparison Guide at our sister site Novel Novice Twilight — that shows you all the exclusive features […]

  11. I am torn between the Walmart and Target one. On the plus side Walmart you can get at midnight and Target you have to wait til the next day. Also last year Target offered the itunes download if you pre-ordered but it took a week to arrive. So not sure what I’ll do this year.

  12. […] Then at one minute after midnight, fans can finally purchase the DVD. Borders recommends you pre-order at your local store ahead of the party. They are selling the regular Two-Disc Special Edition version, and the Borders Exclusive Edition — so be sure to pre-order the one you want. (You can also check out a “New Moon” DVD Comparison Guide at Twilight Novel Novice.) […]

  13. Totally irritated! Why do they make it so if you have a blu ray player you have to buy both blu ray and reg dvd! Borders should have done their edition in both formats! So I guess I will be buying one from borders and one from target aaaggghhhh!

  14. Thanks for the information. I had planned on buying the Walmart DVD, but I found out from this website it had “behind the scenes” Eclipse stuff, and not 7 minutes of actual movie. I ended up buying the Target 3 disc to see the deleted scenes. I agree with everyone — it would have been nice if it were all in one package like the first movie. Disappointing!

  15. As much as it sucks (a bunch of different editions with their own exclusive features), I think Summit is trying to use the popularity of Twilight to promote business in more than one store…like trying to help them all out, while at the same time making more money for themselves by the fans who will end up buying more than one edition. Seems kinda gay, but at the same time it’s sorta generous. But maybe I didn’t need to say all that.

    • generous? Summit is after the $$, plain and simple. As are the stores. Everyone wants in on the money making machine that is the Twilight Saga cause they know the fans will pay for it.

      Splitting up the deleted and extended scenes onto two different versions is one of the most greedy things they could have done.

  16. It is very frustrating that you have to do research to figure out where you need to go to buy what version. I agree on so many points that everyone made. I think it is a marketing thing for Summit. I think they are milking it for everything they can. The various versions are frustrating but what about the digital download? Not only are people stuck buying multiple versions but none of them have the download so you are stuck buying that too!!! Ridiculous. If I wasn’t so in love with this Saga, I would not buy any of them. But…..that’s what Summit is counting on.

  17. I bought the “Ultimate Fan Edition” at Walmart midnight Friday and it didn’t contain the extra dvd Twilight in Forks so I didn’t open it and am going to take it back. Plus all of the 7 min Eclipse stuff is online and its not so much the movie but filming etc. I’m guessing that will end up on the Eclipse dvd when it comes out next year so what’s the point?
    Thanks for the detailed comparison tho, it gave some good info!


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