The Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer sneak peek!

Summit revealed a ten-second preview of the first The Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer this morning:

Also from Summit: the first 90-second trailer will debut online tomorrow, March 11th at 6am PST/9am PST!

The trailer will also be playing with Remember Me, in theaters this Friday.


5 Responses

  1. *squeal* AHHH!!!

    I am SO excited now! I can’t wait to see the whole 90 seconds tomorrow morning! Love it, love it, love it!!!

    • I know!!! This is my favorite book in the series, and I am so freaking excited for this movie. Most amazing 10 seconds ever!!!

      I’m going to the press screening for “Remember Me” tonight … I *really* hope they show the “Eclipse” trailer with it!!

  2. For only 10 sec that was amazing! I was seriously afraid it was going to be 10 sec of newborn vamps or just jake or something like that.

    I like how the 10 sec focused on the bella’s conflict b/w edward and jake and her decision…

  3. OK, I can’t get past the wig. Sorry.

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