A Twilight Fan’s (Spoiler Free) Review of Remember Me

Yes, this will be a 100% spoiler-free review of Remember Me.

Okay, Twilight fans. You’ve probably all seen the trailer for Remember Me by now. You know that it stars Robert Pattinson, along with Emilie de Ravine, Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper. You’re probably going to see it just for the RPattz factor.

Let me assure you of two things: Remember Me is an excellent film, and Robert Pattinson is outstanding.

But there is so much more to this movie than those two statements.

Remember Me is, more than anything, a character piece — and the characters are all extremely well-written and extremely well-written.

Robert Pattinson shines as the wayward Tyler Hawkins, deftly portraying a wide array of emotions — ranging from playful and loving, to hurt and angry, and beyond. There is no hint of Edward Cullen here — and that’s a really good thing, both for this role and for Pattinson’s career. He proves himself here, more than ever, as a truly solid actor.

Pattinson’s performance joins the rest of the cast’s stellar acting. Everyone is really on point. Besides Pattinson, the truly stand-out performance to me was Pierce Brosnan, as Tyler’s father. He is aloof and arrogant, but you sense there is something simmering under the surface. One of the best scenes in the entire film is an explosive argument between Brosnan and Pattinson’s characters — one I’d consider watching over and over again, just to pick out all of the subtle nuances from each of their performances.

Another shining performance comes from young actress Ruby Jerins, who plays Tyler’s younger sister Caroline. The scenes between the siblings are some of the most charming and endearing moments of the film, but Jerins holds her own in other scenes, as well. (Jerins has proven herself as an outstanding young actress in other roles, as well, including an appearance in Shutter Island with Leonardo di Caprio and a regular role on the Showtime series Nurse Jackie).

Emilie de Ravin is also delightful as Ally — who, like Tyler, is dealing with a past tragedy. But instead of becoming lost and angry (like Tyler), Ally uses her tragic past to influence the way she lives in the present. She lives life to the fullest. She eats dessert first.

Her performance is balanced nicely by Chris Cooper as her father. The dichotomy between how each of them addresses their shared past tragedy is both complex and revealing. They are each coping with the exact same loss; but neither is coping in the same way.

Tate Ellington as Tyler’s friend & roommate is a wonderful supporting player — providing both momentum for the plot line, and the occasional comic relief. (And there are definitely some hilarious moments — much-needed to lighten up some of the film’s darker themes.)

More than anything, Remember Me is about learning to live each day to the fullest; to savor each moment and to cherish those important to you. It’s about characters learning to cope with loss in their own way; and it’s about families coming together despite the odds against them.

You’ve probably heard rumblings about the surprise/twist at the ending … yes, there is a twist. Holy crow, there is a twist. But I promised spoiler-free, so all I will say is this: the ending is utterly beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. It was done subtly and tastefully. And it is extremely poignant.

Remember Me opens nationwide on Friday, March 12th.


4 Responses

  1. I have not seen the movie, but I think the twist is pretty obvious. Considering the setting of the film. I could be wrong. I am looking forward to see it. I love Emile from LOST. Plus some of the narration in the trailers pretty much gives it away.

    • I must be pretty oblivious then, because I just didn’t see it going that direction … I thought it was brilliant. But just didn’t see it.

  2. I am so getting a baby sitter and dragging my husband to this. The promise of popcorn should be enough … !

    • It’s really not a very girly movie — it’s a really fascinating character study, more than anything else. He might actually like it!

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