Check out this Sneak Peek of Eclipse (Video!)


9 Responses

  1. OMG! It looks SO GOOD!!! Can’t wait =)

  2. I love Jasper’s new look. Though I do wish they would keep something consistent!

  3. Seriously, I think Summit enjoys testing the Twilight fans’ endurance by teasing us with all these glimpses at “Eclipse”. I think they’re trying to make us insane with impatience for the film.

    Everything looks AWESOME! I like Jazz’s new look, too, and all the Cullens’ ‘battle’ looks. Very nice. I also think Bryce will do a nice job with Victoria. Time will tell, though.

    But it looks like there will be LOTS of stunts – which is awesome. They could really make something special if they nail down how the newborns would fight, and how the older vamps would have their own styles, as well.

    More, please! 😀

  4. Wow…ttally loved that video. Jasper had longer hair…Newborns looked awesome… and leah was in there and the other wolves AWESOME…

    Ohh and how could i forget Edward looked HOT!!!!

    • Oh my gosh… that was SO COOL! 🙂 But where was Leah in the trailer? I didn’t see her at all.

      • You gotta be quick. LOL Around 1:59 is a good shot of her. There’s a very quick shot of Seth too, that I’ve only seen in screencaps of the video, I’m not sure where exactly in the video it is. Probably towards the beginning when stuff flashes by really, really fast.

      • Addicted2Edward you are exactly right! There’s a great shot of Leah at EXACTLY (LOL) 1:59 and in the quick shots in the beginning. I’m excited to see Leah in the movie – she’s a really interesting character.

  5. I am far more excited about the movie after seeing this sneak peek than I was after the trailer. haha. But, now I am truly, superly excited and I can’t wait! I need to re-read the book though to get a feel for what to be looking for. I’m hoping for TONS of Edward/Bella/Jacob scenes. Their love-triangle is finally coming to climax!

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