An Eclipse engagement ring, and other Twi-News

* MTV has a great look at the costumes in Eclipse, including a confirmation that Bella is indeed wearing an engagement ring in the movie (which you can see in part of the trailer):

YES! “This is an engagement ring on Bella’s finger!” Tish confirmed. “This is something that was made for her by the props department.” In other words: she doesn’t have a whole lotta info to share on it. So, until we are able to investigate further, we should point out that the ring (at least what we can see of it from our extreme zoom-in) looks like he could be quite similar to the domed oval one authorized by author Stephenie Meyer after the “Eclipse” book came out, which is for sale by Infinite Jewelry Co. Check out a 2009 article from the Salt Lake Tribune for more information on the story behind that ring.

See the rest here.

* USA Today has an article about the Twilight Graphic Novel (Vol. 1), which is now on sale!

* The Twilight Saga has been nominated in several categories for Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards!

* On Thursday, The Twilight Saga: New Moon will receive the fan choice award at ShoWest

* At MTV, Robert Pattinson and his co-stars discuss Remember Me‘s controversial ending. HUGE spoilers ahead — only click the link if you’ve seen the movie, or don’t care about spoilers.

* Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning discuss shooting The Runaways back-to-back with New Moon and Eclipsethey also go in-depth about working on The Runaways


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  1. Without a doubt that is bella’s engagement ring? I would really like to know for sure.

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