Director search confirmed, cast at DVD parties & more!

* Kristen Stewart confirms to MTV that Summit is considering three directors for Breaking Dawn:

“I’m glad that’s out and about,” she said about the outreach to the directors. “I didn’t know that was something that people knew.”

As we reported earlier, EW says Summit is talking to Sophia Coppola, Gus Van Sant & Bill Condon about directing Breaking Dawn.

* Twilight: The Graphic Novel (Vol. 1) is in stores today, and Twilight Examiner has an excellent review! Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments.

* Reelz Channel tracks Kristen Stewart’s career from child actor to sexy super-star!

* MTV interviews Kristen Stewart about playing a rock star in The Runaways, which opens on Friday.

* Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart has signed on for a role in the upcoming movie Backwoods with Julianne Moore.

* The Official Twilight Twitter has announced that some of the cast & crew will be appearing at New Moon DVD release parties this Friday night. Follow @Twilight to get the latest updates.


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