20% Discount at Twilight Beauty for New Moon DVD Release

According to the Twilight Beauty Facebook page, they are offering 20% off site-wide to celebrate the release of the New Moon DVD.

The Facebook posting doesn’t give specifics, but just head to TwilightBeauty.com & when you place your order — simply type in NEWMOONDVD in the coupon code area, and the 20% discount will apply to your entire order! Oh, and orders over $50 get free shipping, too!

No word on how long this offer will last, but it’s a great deal and I will personally vouch for the quality of these products — this is really good, high-quality makeup. My mom got me some for Christmas, and I’ve since indulged myself twice more (including today, to take advantage of this great deal).

I’m particularly fond of their palettes — which include two eye shadows, a blush and two lip glosses. They come in four color combinations — Bella, Alice, Rosalie and Victoria. Bella is a lovely set of neutrals; Alice features blue/silver eye colors and bright pinks; Rosalie features peach tones; and Victoria features cooler wine colors. I have both Rosalie and Victoria, and love them. I’m especially partial to the Victoria shades. Being a redhead, those colors go great with my skin tone and hair. Also, the makeup in these palettes has great staying power. I have a tendency to rub my eyes while I’m at work, but the makeup still stays on even at the end of the day.

The Luna Twilight lipgloss and lip stains are also fantastic — really smooth and creamy; not at all sticky.

For the comments: Are you a fan of the Twilight Beauty collection? What’s your favorite?


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