Cliff-diving, engagement rings & lots of interviews!

* Access Hollywood has yet another new behind-the-scenes clip from New Moon, this one showing how Kristen Stewart and filmmakers created the aftermath of her cliff dive.

* Thanks to the Lex for this heads up — Infinite Jewelry is hosting a $20-off Pre-Eclipse sale on many items, including Bella’s Engagement Ring and Bella’s Bracelet. These items were designed with the guidance of Stephenie Meyer, and are authentic to the pieces described in the books.

* Kristen Stewart talks about Eclipse and The Runaways in a new interview with Parade Magazine.

* MTV has a new interview with Ashley Greene, who talks about whether she’d ever do nudity in a film.

* At FearNet, Ashley Greene talks about Eclipse and what she’s seen of the movie so-far.

* Also at FearNet, Kristen Stewart talks about Breaking Dawn and shares her thoughts on the much-talked-about birth scene

* Kristen Stewart tells MTV that she thinks “it’s weird” people care about her personal life … and in another article at MTV, she says she still hopes to make the film K-11 with Nikki Reed.

* Kristen Stewart stopped by Jimmy Fallon to promote The Runaways:


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