Check out the new theatrical poster for Eclipse

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  1. ! I liked it! allot! ❤

    Just that it really looks like Bella got a wig..

  2. Its a good poster, but I was hoping for something more exciting than this. I was hoping that they would at least include the Cullens & werewolves.

  3. Ohhh, I like!

  4. she might. her hair has been short for a while.

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  6. hate to say it but i’m disappointed. It’s very flat. No emotion or interaction between the three of them. It looks like they just took pics of each of them separately and pasted them together. 😦

  7. I think it looks like they took robs pic form the entertainment weekly photoshoot..^^
    I’m not really sure what to think about this poster..
    For my taste they just put the actors in the foreground because it’s good for the promotion. They should have emphasized the love triangle more. I on the new moon movie poster. But in this one, their are just standing their and doing nothing.
    Well, maybe the next poster will make up to this one.
    Nevertheless I must say the darker mood got coverd well and hey all three of them are looking really stunning. 🙂

  8. Neat poster… but they definetly could have been doing something besides standing there. I like the new Eclipse slogan: “It all begins with a choice.” It’s just… awesome and has lots of Eclipse-ness to it (if you know what I mean.) 🙂

  9. I’m not really a fan of this poster, which makes me upset because this is my favorite of the four books! I think New Moon’s poster did the best job of the three movies in capturing the spirit of the book’s plot and themes.
    Yes, I can see what they were going for with the love triangle, but (like someone else pointed out) this just falls flat. They all just look so…blah! Aren’t Edward and Jake supposed to be completely in love with Bella? Aren’t they supposed to annoy the you-know-what out of each other?
    I don’t necessarily *hate* this poster, but I’m hoping that Summit releases another ::cough::BETTER::cough:: one before the release date.

  10. i totally agree with addicted2edward and Jenn. Hope they’ll do better on the next one…

  11. i didn’t really enjoy this poster. Edward just looks like he’s staring at the camera. Bella def has a wig and i don’t like the back drop

  12. I really like it, Bella looks more mature in this. And I’m glad its not another shirtless Jacob (dont get me wrong, he’s HOT, but we get it). Ofcourse Edward looks amazing – cant wait for this movie 🙂

  13. Same old same old. They needed to do more with this poster. Eclipse is by far the darkest book of the series and poster doesn’t display this at all. The triangle has been there since Twilight, we know it’s there. Let’s see something else for a change. I most admit the behind the scene footage on the special features on the DVD are amazing for Eclipse, can’t wait until June.

  14. On my Borders NM DVD is a picture of Jake, Edward, and Bella and as soon as I looked at it I thought “Oh, how nice of them to included the Eclipse poster on my NM DVD case!”

    THAT is why I don’t like it. It could interchange with NM. So what’s the point?

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  16. bella does look like she got on a wig good one Miriam

  17. Bella is definitely wearing a wig. Kristen cut her hair and dyed it black to film The Runaways during the months between New Moon and Eclipse.

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