Twi-News Update: Wax Rob, Red-Eyed Edward & more!

* Madame Tussaud’s has added their Robert Pattinson wax figures to their London & New York museums:

* Twilight: The Graphic Novel is shattering sales records! Check out the good news from Little Brown via Twilight Lexicon.

* The Twilight Examiner has taken note of this interesting detail: in the behind-the-scenes footage from Eclipse, it appears that Edward Cullen may be sporting some red contact lenses for one scene:

A closer inspection of the image reveals that he is not only red-eyed but also apparently wearing a Volturi crest necklace much like those worn in New Moon by Michael Sheen, Jamie Campbell Bower, et al.

A commentator to the blog scoured the book to find that there is a sequence in the story on Page 305 that might explain the origin of the moment.

“In Aro’s head he saw me at his one side and Alice at his other,” Edward Cullen says.

Read the rest here.

* The Twilight Examiner also has coverage of some of the Twilight Saga actors visiting a Virginia Beach Naval Base earlier this week.

* The LA Times reports that Stephen Daldry has joined the list of potential directors being considered for Breaking Dawn. Notable films under his belt include The Reader, Billy Elliot and The Hours.

* Meanwhile, Ashley Greene tells MTV she’d be A-okay splitting Breaking Dawn into two movies.

* TwiCrack Addict snagged an exclusive red carpet interview with Kristen Stewart at the New York premiere of The Runaways.

* Lion & Lamb LJ has tracked down this adorable photo of Stephenie Meyer with the cast of New Moon on the set of the Volturi lair:


2 Responses

  1. The look on Michael Sheen’s face cracks me up!

  2. Here’s the ultimate question tho: if BD IS split into 2 movies, will there be two different directors? Or will they stick with just one?

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