Catching up on LOTS & lots of Twi-News!

Okay, between going out of town & getting sick, I’m waaaay behind on Twi-News. So here’s your catch-up news post:

* The Robert Pattinson movie Water for Elephants is seeking extras in the Los Angeles-area. The casting is April 17th.

* Billy Burke has launched a new website to promote his latest music project … and it’s pretty rockin’!

* Reelz Channel catches up with the Twilight Saga cast as they wait for Breaking Dawn to begin filming

* Reelz Channel also has news about a petition circulating to get Breaking Dawn rated R … which is sort of redundant, when you recall that Stephenie Meyer has it in her contract with Summit that the movies can NOT be rated more than PG-13. So it’s not going to happen.

* Ashley Greene talks about some of the Eclipse footage she’s seen with MTV.

* The Twilight Examiner has news about Eclipse director David Slade tweeting about a new trailer, and then deleting the tweet

* FearNet explains why Bill Condon would be a good choice to direct Breaking Dawn

* Justin Furstenfeld of the band Blue October talks about Stephenie Meyer in a new interview with Blast Magazine.

* Some of the latest casting rumors: Robert Pattinson could play Kurt Cobain in a biopic (I can actually see this as a really good fit for him, both in appearance & musical talents) Rumor debunked. Not true. I still think it would be a good fit for him.

* Oprah is seeking Twilight fans. ‘Nuff said.

* Nikki Reed says she is no longer part of the K-11 movie project with Kristin Stewart, who previously said the film was on hold.

* Our friends at Edward’s Meadow have released the final trailer for their New Moon spoof.


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  1. fo the oprah thing u have to be 21 bummer 😦

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